Friday, December 2, 2016

#FaptasticFriday FHM Philippines wraps up 2016 with Ellen Adarna double cover!

I'll be honest, FHM Philippines' November 2016 issue was largely forgettable. Who were those two covergirls again? Well, it's a good thing that the publication is making up for this by featuring two-time covergirl and perennial crush ng bayan Ellen Adarna on the cover for the third time! And a double cover at that, much like her second appearance on the magazine's cover nearly five years ago in January 2012!

Shot in and around Zambawood, a luxurious beach resort in San Narciso, Zambales, Adarna is featured in various stages of undress, in real life or clever Photoshop notwithstanding. Also, it's nice that has posted online a few photos of Ellen from the shoot in a large 1200x1800 format. If you've looked through some of the online galleries the publication posted before, you know that they're quite small so seeing a couple of large ones--with Ellen, no less--is very much welcome indeed.

On her Instagram page, Ellen has also been generous enough to share with her followers some behind-the-scene snaps from the shoot, from a fainting spell she succumbed to during the shoot... her baring her (not-so) flat ass and inviting her haters to kiss it.

Oh Ellen.  You'r really the gift that keeps on giving.

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