Thursday, November 17, 2016

McLaren to make a new, limited edition three-seater hypercar--and it's already sold out!

Once upon a time, McLaren created a fairy tale of a supercar it called the McLaren F1, and one of its outstanding features was its three-seater design, with the driver sitting right in the middle while the two passengers sat just behind and to the left and right of the driver's seat. Well, the British carmaker has revealed that it is making the world's first "Hyper-GT" car and that it'll have a three-seat layout just like the legendary McLaren F1.

Codenamed BP23, which is short for Bespoke Project 2, the car will be produced by McLaren Special Operations with only 106 examples to be made--the same number of McLaren F1 units produced during its seven-year run from 1992 to 1999. And much like the F1, the BP23 will be customized to the owners specifications. The BP23 will also have dihedral doors like the F1 and all of McLaren's cars although for the first time, the ones on the car will be powered with apertures reportedly extending into the roof.

"BP23 will borrow the three seat layout with central driving position made famous by the iconic McLaren F1, and it will be housed in a streamlined, shrink-wrapped carbon-fiber body of great elegance," said McLaren Automotive Chief Executive Officer Mike Flewitt. "We are calling BP23 a 'Hyper-GT' because it's a car designed for longer journeys but with the high levels of performance and driver engagement expected of any McLaren.  A hybrid powertrain will make it one of the most powerful McLarens yet created but the car will also deliver the highest levels of refinement, enabling significant journeys to be undertaken with up to three people aboard."

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