Tuesday, August 2, 2016

You've seen the Initial D-inspired Toyota 86. Now watch it in action.

About a month ago, TopGear.com.ph featured an Initial D-inspired Toyota 86 commissioned by Toyota UK. The project had UK-based manga artist Sonia Leong feature the car, which was done in the same panda-style monochrome livery as the iconic AE86 in the popular series, in the foreground of a series of portraits with panoramic backdrops that wouldn't look out of place in the comic strip.

Sweet, right?

Well, if the Initial D 86 already looks impressive in those portraits, perhaps you'll like it even better in live action as Toyota UK has released a short video of the car drifting through the curves of a mountainside road complete with a container filled with tofu on the back seat.

As a true homage to the car in the series, Toyota UK fitted the Initial D 86 with the latest versions of the same components that were featured in the AE86, like the custom-made RS Watanabe alloy wheels, TRD suspension, Fujitsubo exhaust system, Cusco strut brace, and a carbon-fiber bonnet. Keen-eyed fans of the series will also note the yellow-tinted fog lights, which echo the Cibie spotlights fitted in the car to improve Takumi's night-vision, and the silver-painted engine cover that pays tribute to the 20-valve 'Silver Top' 4A-GE engine used in the series. Completing the look are the carbon-fiber door handle protectors and mirror covers to imitate the black plastic material used on the AE86, mud flaps as seen on the original Initial D car, the deletion of the spoiler on the trunk, and the tinted rear lenses.

Sweet. Just sweet.

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