Wednesday, July 27, 2016

The last of the Aston Martin DB9s have been built. Long live the DB9.

Proving that it truly is a class act, Aston Martin has quietly announced that it has built the last few units of the Aston Martin DB9 supercar, 12 years after its production started at the British carmaker's then-newly-inaugurated plant in Gaydon, England in 2004.

The revelation was made on Twitter by no less than Aston Martin Chief Executive Andy Palmer, who likewise attached a couple of photos of the last few units, including one with its engine cover signed by the engineers and technicians that built that particular unit.

The DB9 is significant in Aston Martin's history because it was the first all-new model to be introduced by the carmaker under Ford's corporate umbrella as its predecessor, the DB7, was based on the Jaguar XJ platform which had been around since 1976!

As for the DB9, it was the first to utilize Aston Martin's aluminum VH platform which has since underpinned most of the current models like the Vantage and its variants, the Virage, the DBS, and the Rapide. So while the DB9 may be gone, it lives on in Aston Martin's other models.

Long live the Aston Martin DB9!

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