Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Press Release: The New Mercedes-Benz E-Class: Intelligence and Elegance of Tomorrow, Today

So you think you have already seen the best that the modern car industry can offer you? Hold your breath for a new discovery. The world’s authority when it comes to automotive innovation and design is again raising the standard in luxury sedan. Mercedes-Benz is finally unveiling in the Philippine market its latest showcase of technological innovations--the new Mercedes-Benz E-Class

This extremely elegant automobile is armed with the best in driving features and adorned with top-of-the-line accessories for optimum comfort and drive. It boasts of the latest technological advancements that will surely set the industry’s bar to a higher level.

Ability to anticipate

Well fitted with a 360-degree network of cameras, sensors and radars, the new Mercedes-Benz E-Class puts safety first to a whole new level. ACTIVE BRAKE ASSIST is a standard safety feature that warns the driver of impending collisions, autonomously activates emergency brakes when necessary, and detects pedestrians crossing the danger zone ahead of the vehicle. ATTENTION ASSIST keeps the driver focused on the road, alerting him when he is getting inattentive or drowsy.  The DRIVE PILOT comes as a ground-breaking optional feature that follows road markings and intuitively adjusts to the speed of traffic ahead. 

More optional driver assist features guarantee the most ideal of driving conditions: the STEERING PILOT maintains the car straight on its lane and prevents it from unintentional swerving, while the ACTIVE LANE CHANGE ASSIST allows the car to move on its own once it detects a clear lane.

These features are only a few among the many that prove how it is possible for a car to be continuously aware of its surroundings at all times, making accident-free and near-autonomous driving no longer a dream, but a reality.

Ability to adapt

Proudly, the Mercedes-Benz E-Class boasts of a sensual interior with spacious architecture that gives it a luxurious edge over its contemporaries. Warm shades of brown leather suit ergonomically designed seats, balancing a sporty aesthetic with long-ride comfort seating. Open-pore wood accents and an impressive 64-color interior lighting make the inside of the new E-Class ambient.

Optionally available are two high-resolution wide screen displays (12.3 inches diagonally each) that form a beautiful focal point for a fully digital cockpit. There is a pair of touch-sensitive pads on the steering wheel manageable by both thumbs and a Touchpad by the center console, providing ease of access to the E-Class' infotainment system, without the strain of an extra movement or the risk of one's safety.

And for its driver's added pleasure, a choice of five driving modes is made available--"Comfort," "Eco," "Sport," "Sport+," and "Individual" (personalized). While its engine guarantees the smoothest, most luxurious drive, inside the car is a masterclass on interior design, marrying the joys of the senses with the cool ease of technology, only amplifying the pure satisfaction of driving and riding the new Mercedes-Benz E-Class.


The driving dynamics of the new Mercedes-Benz E-Class rules with its stellar specs. Powered by a 2.0-liter inline four-cylinder petrol engine and geared with the new 9G-TRONIC nine-speed automatic transmission, this masterpiece is able to swiftly change gears with low engine revs, promoting fuel efficiency and manageably low noise levels. Equipped with standard steel suspension, the new E-Class offers agile and secured driving experience particularly on tricky and twisting roads. 

More stunning features
With a wheelbase that has grown by 65mm and an overall length of 43mm, passengers regardless of their seat in the executive class is gifted with space both above and below. To top that, a panorama roof and head-out display lord the cabin and give passengers an almost seamless look up into the sky. 

All these automobile breakthroughs and the promise of driving comfortably are handsomely cased in the true Mercedes-Benz fashion. Done up in the hallmark Mercedes saloon proportions with an elongated bonnet, a coupe-style roof that melts unto a sensual, wide-shouldered tail end, make for quite an impressive form, anyone would dream of driving. Sparkly LED head and tail lights, alloy wheels and the legendary three-pointed star complete the sleek, sweeping design of the E-Class, a benchmark of sporty elegance.

While man continues to look ahead for a future better, safe, beautiful, easy, and comfortable, driving past the dreamers and leaving those who choose to stay behind is the stunning new Mercedes-Benz E-Class--an intelligent and elegant car made for tomorrow, already here, today.

According to TopGear.com.ph, "the Exclusive and Avantgarde trims cost P4,390,000, while the AMG variant lists for P4,790,000."

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Press Release: DOE Issues Fuel Economy Ratings for Vehicles in PH Market

The Department of Energy (DOE) and Petron Corporation yesterday issued Fuel Economy Rating certificates to 22 car brands, which participated in the highly successful DOE Euro 4 Fuel Economy Run, a pioneering event that aims to provide vital information on the fuel economy performance of vehicles and raise public awareness on the use of cleaner and more efficient Euro 4 fuels.

The certificates were given during a presentation ceremony at the Makati Diamond Residences.

Twenty-one car companies in the Philippine market fielded a total of 70 models of various body types and engine displacements last May 27 to mark the 12th Fuel Economy Run led by the DOE. They traversed a preset route of 280 kilometers starting from Petron Clark station in Angeles City, Pampanga, through SCTEX (Subic-Clark- Tarlac Expressway), TPLEX (Tarlac-Pangasinan-La Union Expressway), and back, in a controlled run to approximate standard driving conditions.

Fueled by Petron XCS (95-RON), 27 out of 38 gasoline vehicles, or a significant 71% of the entries, produced fuel economy ratings exceeding 20 kilometers for every liter. For vehicles powered by Petron Turbo Diesel, 21 out of 32 participants (66%) achieved over 20 km/l. The best performances were registered by a Suzuki Celerio with 29.14 km/L using Petron XCS, and an Isuzu D-Max getting 38.46 km/L on Petron Turbo Diesel. The fuel economy ratings obtained in the run serve to expand the Philippine Energy Standards and Labeling Program (PESLP) of the DOE.

The car companies that received Fuel Economy Ratings include: Asianbrands Motors Corporation (Mahindra), Automobile Central Enterprise Inc. (Volkswagen), Bayan Automotive Industries Corporation (BAIC), Berjaya Auto Philippines (Mazda), British United Automobiles Inc. (MINI), Columbian Autocar Corporation (Kia), Eurobrands Distributor Inc. (Peugeot), Ford Group Philippines, Foton Motor Philippines Inc., Honda Cars Philippines Inc., Hyundai Asia Resources Inc., Isuzu Philippines Corporation, Mitsubishi Motors Philippines Corporation, Motor Image Pilipinas Inc. (Subaru), Nissan Philippines Inc., PGA Cars Inc. (Audi / Porsche), Pilipinas Taj Autogroup Inc. (Tata Motors), Suzuki Philippines Inc., The Covenant Car Company Inc.(Chevrolet), Toyota Motor Philippines Corporation, and Volvo Philippines.

The DOE Euro 4 Fuel Economy Run, the first in the country, forms part of DOE’s efforts to promote judicious utilization of energy. Results of the run also aim to guide consumers buying vehicles by highlighting the importance of fuel economy rating aside from performance, quality, and safety. In addition, the DOE also wishes to promote the use of Euro 4 fuels, which it mandated in January this year. Euro 4 fuels are more environment-friendly, as they contain significantly lesser amount of sulfur and benzene.

On the part of Petron, the results confirm the TriActiv performance advantages of their specially-formulated Euro 4 fuels, including: (1) better engine protection for longer engine life; (2) better mileage for longer drives; and (3) better power. The excellent fuel economy ratings achieved by a majority of the participating vehicles also serve to reaffirm Petron's massive US $2 billion investment to upgrade its Bataan Refinery. Petron is now the only oil company capable of locally producing environment-friendly and premium fuels while assuring reliable supply of fuel variants that meet the needs of Filipino motorists.

The complete result of the DOE Euro 4 Fuel Economy Run are as follows, divided by fuel type and arranged by fuel efficiency:

Brand Model Fuel Type Vehicle Type Engine Disp Drive Type of Gearbox Fuel Economy Rating
Suzuki Celerio CVT Gasoline Hatchback 1.0L FWD CVT 29.14
Honda Jazz 1.5 VX CVT Gasoline Hatchback 1.5L FWD CVT 28.60
Suzuki Ciaz GL MT Gasoline Sedan 1.4L FWD 5MT 27.94
Hyundai Elantra (Gas) Gasoline Sedan 1.6L FWD 6MT 27.83
Suzuki Celerio MT Gasoline Hatchback 1.0L FWD 5MT 27.70
Honda Civic 1.5 RS Gasoline Sedan 1.5L FWD CVT 27.56
Mitsubishi Mirage CVT (1.2L) Gas Gasoline Hatchback 1.2L FWD CVT 27.05
Mazda Mazda 2 V Gasoline Sedan 1.5L FWD 6AT 26.72
Honda City 1.5 E CVT Gasoline Sedan 1.5L FWD CVT 26.02
Mazda Mazda 2 R Gasoline Sedan 1.5L FWD 6AT 25.95
Mitsubishi Mirage M/T (1.2L) Gas Gasoline Hatchback 1.2L FWD 5MT 25.64
Honda HR-V 1.8 E CVT Gasoline Hatchback 1.8L FWD CVT 24.82
Honda Brio 1.3 S AT Gasoline Hatchback 1.3L FWD 5AT 24.78
Honda Mobilio 1.5 V CVT Gasoline MPV 1.5L FWD CVT 24.69
Nissan Sylphy Gasoline Sedan 1.6L FWD 5MT 24.18
Honda Brio Amaze 1.3 V AT Gasoline Sedan 1.3L FWD 5AT 23.77
Nissan Juke Gasoline SUV 1.6L FWD CVT 23.67
Suzuki Ciaz GLX AT Gasoline Sedan 1.4L FWD 4AT 22.93
Ford Fiesta 1.0L Sport+ Gasoline Hatchback 1.0L FWD 6AT 23.39
Suzuki Swift 1.2 AT Gasoline Hatchback 1.2L FWD 4AT 22.35
Suzuki Ertiga GLX AT Gasoline MPV 1.4L FWD 4AT 22.03
Mini Cooper 3 DOOR HATCH Gasoline Hatchback 1.5L FWD 6AT 21.59
Nissan Almera Gasoline Sedan 1.2L FWD 5MT 21.26
Hyundai Tucson (Gas) Gasoline SUV 2.0L FWD 6AT 21.18
Kia Forte (Koup 2 DR) Gasoline Sedan 2.0L FWD 6AT 20.62
Honda CR-V 2.0 S AT Gasoline Hatchback 2.0L FWD 5AT 20.59
Subaru Legacy S AWD Gasoline Sedan 2.5L AWD CVT 20.01
Kia Picanto Gasoline Hatchback 1.2L FWD 4AT 19.55
Subaru XV S AWD Gasoline SUV 2.0L AWD CVT 19.46
Ford Focus 1.5L Sport Gasoline Hatchback 1.5L FWD 6AT 19.20
BAIC A113 Gasoline Sedan 1.3L FWD 5MT 18.58
Chevrolet Sail Gasoline Sedan 1.5L FWD 4AT 18.26
Kia RIO (4DR) Gasoline Sedan 1.4L FWD 4AT 17.41
Subaru  Forester XT S AWD Gasoline SUV 2.0L AWD CVT 16.71
Kia Forte (4DR) Gasoline Sedan 1.6L FWD 6AT 16.65
Volvo V40 2.0L Turbo Gasoline SUV 2.0L FWD 6AT 16.31
BAIC M20 Gasoline MPV 1.5L RWD 5MT 15.48
BAIC MZ40 Gasoline Mini Van 1.2L RWD 5MT 14.54

Brand Model Fuel Type Vehicle Type Engine Disp Drive Type of Gearbox Fuel Economy Rating
Isuzu D-Max LS 4x2 Diesel Pick up 3.0L RWD 5MT 38.46
Hyundai Accent Sedan Diesel Sedan 1.6L FWD 6MT 29.41
Peugeot 301 Diesel Sedan 1.6L FWD 6MT 29.35
AUDI A3 2.0 TDI Diesel Sedan 2.0L FWD 6AT 28.46
Volkswagen Jetta 2.0 TDI Diesel Sedan 2.0L FWD 5MT 28.08
Hyundai Accent Hatch Diesel Hatchback 1.6L FWD 7AT 25.64
Toyota Innova Diesel MPV 2.8L RWD 6AT 25.25
Hyundai Tucson (CRDi) Diesel SUV 2.0L FWD 6AT 24.80
Tata Manza Aura Diesel Sedan 1.3L FWD 5MT 23.79
Isuzu mu-X LS-A 4x2 Diesel SUV 3.0L RWD 5AT 23.53
Tata Vista Ignis Diesel Hatchback 1.3L FWD 5MT 23.51
Kia Soul Diesel SUV 1.6L FWD 7AT 23.28
Hyundai Santa Fe (CRDi) Diesel SUV 2.2L FWD 6AT 22.76
Tata Indigo LX Diesel Sedan 1.4L FWD 5MT 22.36
Kia Sorento Diesel SUV 2.2L AWD 6AT 21.67
Toyota Hilux Diesel Pick Up 2.4L RWD 6AT 21.59
Kia Sportage Diesel SUV 2.0L AWD 6AT 21.31
Volvo XC60 D4 Diesel SUV 2.0L FWD 8AT 20.82
AUDI Q5 2.0 TDI Diesel SUV 2.0L AWD 7AT 20.79
Isuzu Crosswind XT Diesel AUV 2.5L RWD 5MT 20.76
Mahindra 4x2 Xylo Diesel MPV 2.2L RWD 5MT 20.26
Kia Carnival Diesel Mini Van 2.2L FWD 6AT 19.20
Toyota Fortuner Diesel SUV 2.4L RWD 6AT 18.91
Mitsubishi Montero Sport M/T (2.4L) Diesel Diesel SUV 2.4L 4WD 6MT 18.48
Porsche Cayenne Diesel SUV 3.0L AWD 8AT 18.48
Peugeot Expert TEPEE Diesel Van 2.0L FWD 6AT 17.95
Nissan Navara Diesel Pick up 2.5L RWD 6MT 17.85
Mitsubishi Montero Sport A/T (2.4L) Diesel Diesel SUV 2.4L 4WD 8AT 17.79
Mahindra 4x4 Enforcer DC Diesel Pick up 2.5L 4WD 5MT 17.28
Foton Toplander 4x2 Diesel SUV 2.8L RWD 5MT 16.07
Nissan Urvan Diesel Van 2.5L RWD 5MT 15.41
Foton Toplander 4x4 Diesel SUV 2.8L 4WD 5MT
Full Disclosure: The Typical Guy was the observer of the Mitsubishi Montero Sport AT (2.4L) Diesel and based on the vehicle's own computer, its fuel consumption at the end of the run was 18.1km/L - a difference of 0.31km/L when compared to Petron's own computation.

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Press Release: FEEL THE RUSH: The First Civics for Customer Delivery Have Arrived!

Honda Cars Philippines, Inc. (HCPI), Honda's automobile business unit in the Philippines, gears up as the first batch of the All-New Honda Civic finally arrives on Philippine shores. With the first shipment of All-New Civics, HCPI starts the countdown to the vehicle's availability at Honda dealerships nationwide. June 11 (Saturday) marks the availability of the All-New Civic at dealerships. Customers eager to see the All-New Honda Civic can come visit their nearest Honda dealerships, which will be holding a special Open House Event to commemorate the arrival of this latest model from Honda.

Since its launch to the Philippine media last April 26, the All-New Honda Civic was met with much enthusiasm by both motoring journalists, as well as the general public. HCPI is pleased to report that it has generated over 1,200 reservations of the All-New Civic! The accumulated All-New Civic reservations only shows how Honda's premium sports sedan has managed to rekindle the fire it has developed with thousands of Filipino customers over the years, who have grown to love the unique qualities that only a Civic can provide. This tenth generation shows that the Civic is truly Reborn.

The All-New Honda Civic appeals a new aggressive design with its coupe-like low and wide stance, sleek bodylines, and sharply defined character lines.

The All-New Honda Civic is available in 1.8 E (P1.088 million SRP) and RS Turbo (P1.398 million SRP) variants with the following colors:

  • Cosmic Blue Metallic (new color) 
  • Midnight Burgundy Pearl (new color) 
  • Lunar Silver Metallic 
  • White Orchid Pearl 
  • Rallye Red (RS Turbo only) 
  • Modern Steel Metallic (1.8 E only) 
For more information and updates on the All-New Honda Civic, visit www.hondaphil.com or any authorized Honda dealership nationwide.

Press Release: Toyota’s Great Deals for New Wheels

Toyota, the #1 automotive brand in the country extends its "Great Deals for New Wheels" promo! This whole month, the car manufacturer offers great savings with packages that will make owning a brand new car so easy. Choose from various financing options that will suit your lifestyle.

Start the fun at an easy price with the country’s best-selling vehicle, the Toyota Vios, and pay as low as P6,193 monthly (Vios 1.3J M/T)! You may also save as much as *P50,000 in the other Vios variants.

Aside from Toyota's subcompact sedan, get the easy-to-own Toyota Wigo for as low as P4,571 monthly or pay as low as P49,629 for the all-in package! You may also save as much as *P25,000 on the other Wigo variants. Lastly, the heart-pounding Toyota Corolla Altis is also within arm's reach for you can save P25,000 in all of its variants!

Toyota showcases these offers for everyone to have a hassle-free and easy ownership. Don't be the last to purchase so visit any of Toyota's 50 authorized dealerships nationwide and take advantage of this limited time offer! So what are you waiting for…drive home a Toyota now.

For more details on these promotions, visit the nearest Toyota dealership or log on to www.toyota.com.ph or call (02) 819-2912.

*Financing scheme is only available through Toyota Financial Services (TFS) & subject for approval

Monday, June 6, 2016

Ferrari's 3.9-liter twin-turbo V8 is 2016 International Engine of the Year

Ferrari's 3.9-liter twin-turbo V8 engine has been named as the International Engine of the Year for 2016, beating BMW's 1.5-liter, three-cylinder electric-gasoline hybrid which powers the BMW i8 and Porsche's 3.0-liter six-cylinder turbo which propels the Porsche 911 Carrera, Carrera 4, Carrera S, and Carrera 4S.

Ferrari's bagging of the award marks the first time in 10 years since an engine with more than six cylinder has received the honor. Since then, the trend has been the downsizing of engines, the smallest of which was Fiat's 875cc two-cylinder in 2011.

In terms of displacement, the Ferrari engine is the third largest in the winner's circle since the award was first handed out in 1999 following BMW's 5.0-liter V10 for 2005 and 2006 and 4.4-liter V8 in 2002. But with an output of 661hp, the Ferrari 3.9-liter biturbo V8 is the most powerful to hold the title.

Besides the International Engine of the Year Award though, the mill that powers the Ferrari 488 GTB, Ferrari 488 Spider, and, with a slightly different displacement, the Ferrari California T, is also the recipient of the Performance Engine, New Engine, and the 3.0-liter to 4.0-liter displacement category awards. This makes the Ferrari 3.9-liter twin-turbo V8 one of only three engines to take home four trophies in one year.

"It’s a giant leap forward for turbocharged engines in terms of efficiency, performance and flexibility," said International Engine of the Year Awards co-chairman Graham Johnson. "It truly is the best engine in production today and will forever be remembered as one of the all-time greats."

The other category winners of the 2016 International Engine of the Year Awards are:

Below 1-liter - Ford 998cc three-cylinder turbo
1.0-liter to 1.4-liter - PSA Peugeot Citroen 1.2-liter three-cylinder turbo
1.4-liter to 1.8-liter - BMW 1.5-litre three-cylinder electric-gasoline hybrid
1.8-liter to 2.0-liter - Mercedes-AMG 2-liter turbo   
2.0-liter to 2.5-liter - Audi 2.5-liter five-cylinder turbo 
2.5-liter to 3.0-liter - Porsche 3-liter six-cylinder turbo 
Above 4.0-liter - Ferrari 6.3-liter V12
Green Engine - Tesla full-electric powertrain

Sunday, June 5, 2016

Press Release: Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2 tires fitted to the BMW M4 GTS

Specially-developed versions of the Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2 tires will be the sole original equipment fitment on the new limited special model BMW M4 GTS.

As a track car that is approved for road use, the job of Michelin's engineers was to design an ultra-high-performance tire which is able to operate safely in a variety of road and track conditions around the world. To this end, the Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2 tires for the BMW M4 GTS were produced using not only Bi-Compound asymmetric tread patterns but also an asymmetric casing design. This offers the optimum balance between handling, grip and tire life.

During the development process Michelin produced and tested more than 1,000 prototype tires and 400 special series tires which were tested by both Michelin and BMW M test drivers.

To achieve all of the performance characteristics demanded by BMW M, Michelin's engineers focused on the interaction between the tire's tread compounds, architecture and profile, and between the tires on each axle. This ensured not only good road manners in terms of steering effort and response, balance and comfort but also fast lap times and consistent performance on track – with a particular objective to limit heat build-up and wear.

In addition to Michelin's Bi-Compound technology, the Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2 tires also incorporate the motorsport-developed Track Variable Contact Patch 3.0. This optimizes pressure in the tire's contact patch so the same amount of rubber is always in contact with the road or track, whether driving in a straight line or cornering.

As well as the bespoke technical elements used inside the tire, the Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2 tires also use Premium Touch Technology in the design of the sidewalls. This means that as well as offering very high levels of performance, the tires also look good--an important consideration when fitted to a car as stylish and focused as the new BMW M4 GTS.

The tire sizes are as follows:

265/35 ZR 19 Front and 285/30 ZR 20 Rear