Sunday, April 10, 2016

The Girls of the 2016 Manila International Auto Show

A car show isn't a car show without girls and with the 2016 Manila International Auto Show closing its doors at the end of the day today, let's look back at the lovely female specimens that stood beside the beautiful cars and trucks we equally love to ogle at.

One thing I noticed at the #MIAS2016 is that there are a lot of new faces. Sure, the popular ones are still there like Geng Maderazo, who incidentally was named as the 2016 Manila International Auto Show Babe yesterday, Zai Ebido, and Arra Castro, but the new models outnumbered the familiar girls we usually see at car shows.

Another thing worth noting is that, instead of going the usual sexy route with figure-hugging dresses and exposed cleavages, Chevrolet did things differently by clothing its girls with a conservative blazer and a skirt combo. 

So if you've yet to drop by the country's biggest annual car show, make sure you drop by today... unless you'd rather watch the ho-hum Pacquiao vs Bradley fight.

Photos taken with Fujifilm FinePix XP80

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