Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Why aren't Subarus in the Philippines equipped with the brand's EyeSight technology?

In April 2010, Fuji Heavy Industries, the conglomerate behind the Subaru brand of vehicles, unveiled its EyeSight driver assistance system which utilizes stereo camera technology to mitigate frontal collision by monitoring the speed between the vehicle and the one in front of it. Depending on the speed difference between the two vehicles, the EyeSight system either automatically reduces the vehicle's speed or stop it altogether if it detects an impending collision.

Although the EyeSight system was first introduced in Subaru vehicles in May 2008 to detect pedestrians and vehicles, FHI worked on it continuously to update it into what it is today, with features like adaptive cruise control, lane sway and departure warning, pre-collision braking assist, and three-dimensional color image capture. However, while the EyeSight system has been introduced in the North American and European markets in 2012 and 2014, respectively, it has yet to be introduced in the ASEAN region.

Well, according to our source from within Motor Image Pilipinas, the authorized distributor of Subaru vehicle in the Philippines through Motor Image, the biggest stumbling block of the EyeSight system's introduction in the region is its price.

Although our source wouldn't reveal how much the system would cost if ever it is made available locally, he stressed that it is substantial enough to make MI apprehensive about introducing it to the region; a reasonable excuse considering one of MI's biggest draws to attract customers is its very competitive pricing scheme.

So, do you think MI is doing everyone a disservice by not introducing Subaru's EyeSight system into the models it sells in the ASEAN region or is it doing everyone a favor by keeping it out of the models it sells to keep its costs down?

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