Thursday, March 31, 2016

Restaurant Review: Buffalo's Wings N' Things - Voted Best Wings in Buffalo, New York

I'm a big fan of Buffalo-style chicken wings, particularly after I tried the one made by Charlie's Grind and Grill. So whenever the opportunity arises for me to try the offering a new restaurant I've never been to before, I take it. As it so happens, Rachel gave me two Deal Grocer gift vouchers worth P1,000 total for a restaurant called  Buffalo's Wings N' Things last Christmas and since my birthday came up recently, we decided to use it then.

Buffalo's Wings N' Things has a number of branches all over Metro Manila but when Rachel bought the gift vouchers, she was asked which branch these will be used at. Since we haven't been to SM City North EDSA for a long time, she chose the branch there which was located on the ground floor of the Annex building.

Located just inside the building's entrance on EDSA, the restaurant's atmosphere is very casual, brick walls with around five booths with wooden bench seats located by the glass wall and seven more tables with low-backed plastic chairs by the entrance. There are also some stools just outside and around the glass wall-enclosed kitchen area for diners who'd like to see just how their food is being prepared. A nice touch to the restaurant's decor are the stainless steel utensils embedded on the concrete floor.

Since we had browsed through their menu online before our visit, we already had an idea on what we'd order. Cess, the server who accommodated us, was kind enough though to answer our questions prior to us ordering what would be our lunch. So, we ordered the Triple Sampler Buffalo Wings which allowed us to try three different flavors--we chose Honey BBQ, Sriracha Garlic, and Firehouse Classic--at half a pound of serving size each, the Garlic Parmesan boneless Chicken Tenders and Twin Classic Hotdogs for the kids.Cess suggested that we add some rice and nachos to our orders but we passed since we wanted to try the wings on its own to better savor their taste. To wash these all down, we ordered three cups of iced tea and a can of Coke.

As expected, the Garlic Parmesan was tasty that the kids quickly finished it since it was both buttery and cheesy with just a slight tangy taste to tickle their taste buds. The Honey BBQ was okay, sweet and aromatic and a safe choice for the kids. The Sriracha Garlic was a new addition to their menu and was mildly spicy which manifested itself later on. Of the three flavors on our sampler, my favorite was the Firehouse Classic which was comparable to Charlie's Grind and Grill's Hot Chicken Wings which meant it had the right amount of kick from the first bite which then steadily increased with each successive bite until you're dripping in sweat and your nose starts running.

I was unable to take a photo of the kids' Twin Classic Hotdogs and though tasty, they were tiny; Purefoods' regular-sized hotdogs were jumbo-sized compared to these so they're really only for kids--or adults with very, very small appetites.

So, will we go back to Buffalo's Wings N' Things? Sure, the branches are spread across the metro so there should be one that's accessible to wherever you are. And they're actually quite affordable since we spent just a little over P1,000. While Buffalo's Wings N' Things won't displace Charlie's Grind and Grill as my go-to place for Buffalo wings, it's still not bad at all.

Photos taken with Starmobile Muse

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