Friday, March 4, 2016

For #FaptasticFriday, did ex-AV idol and the Filipino male's favorite p0rnstar Maria Ozawa have sex with Cesar Montano?

We're sure nine out of 10 Filipino males know who Maria Ozawa is and that the very few who claim they don't know her either have no access to the internet or are just plain liars. That's how famous she is that, according to the so-called "world's biggest porn site", FHM Philippines' June 2015 cover girl is the most searched pornstar in the Philippines.

Maria has been in the news lately following her "revelation" in the Good Times with Mo podcast that was posted online in March 1, 2016. In the program, Mo asked Maria pointblank if she had sex with Cesar Montano, the male lead and her co-star in the movie Nilalang which was shown during the 2015 Metro Manila Film Fest last December. Although Maria tried to laugh off the question, Mo's persistence led her to "admit" that she and Cesar had sex once before they shot the movie.

"Way before because I didn't know anything and then it just happened," Maria said in the program. She added that what happened between them was "saying hello sex." Mo's question about the Maria-and-Cesar hookup happened near the end of the program, specifically at the 1:05:55 mark.

Now, we say "admit" because the day after, specifically after ABS-CBN News posted that bit, Maria posted in her Facebook page that the whole sleeping with Cesar Montano was a "joke" and that it was simply for "good entertainment."

i saw the news earlier but it was a j/k and was just having fun w/ the whole topic , maybe more like flurting w/ the...
Posted by 小澤 マリア on Thursday, March 3, 2016

Regardless if anything did or didn't happen between Maria and the man formerly known as Machete, what Maria does inside her bedroom is her business and we remain as big fans of her work past, present, and future nonetheless.

Anyway, to mark Maria's brush with the seedy side of Philippine showbusiness, she's our latest #FaptasicFriday honoree! We hope to see and meet you soon, Maria! And we're happy to just shake your hand and maybe get a kiss on the cheek, no "saying hello sex" expected.

A photo posted by Maria.Ozawa (@maria.ozawa) on

A photo posted by Maria.Ozawa (@maria.ozawa) on

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