Friday, March 18, 2016

FHM UK's demise gave birth to the revamped FHM Philippines

If you're a subscriber or fan of FHM Philippines, you would've noticed that it has undergone quite a change from the magazine that you once knew. The cover alone is a dead giveaway; instead of the usual full body shot, we really only see cover girl Margo Midwinter's face, and instead of seeing her in full color, she's shot in artsy black-and-white.

A look inside the magazine and it becomes obvious that the publication's entire direction was changed. From the traditionally sexy and bawdy contents everyone has come to love (Girlfriend of the Month, Ladies Confession, Bar Room Jokes, etc.), it's now become more upscale. Perhaps to appease the confused feelings of its followers on the magazine's new direction, acting editor-in-chief Allan Hernandez explained the change on

"Well, tastes change. People change. What we were 16 years ago is just not the same as who we are now. This is also true, maybe much more so, of the new crop of young cover stars we hope to feature soon. Let's just say, the bombshell may have finally ceased to exist. So the change—and with it, a new way of presenting this change."

Now, during a recent gathering of media members by a Japanese carmaker, we had the opportunity to pick Allan's mind on what brought on the change after all these years, and as it so happened, the recent demise of FHM Philippines' mother publication FHM UK was the proverbial spark that lit the fuse.

In November 2015, FHM UK's publisher Bauer Media announced that it was suspending the publication of the magazine, with the last-ever issue coming out on January 2016. As it so happens, the plan to revamp FHM Philippines has been talked about for years, according to Allan. Calling it a fortuitous bit of good timing, the proverbial ball to adapt the local magazine to fit today's society began to roll.

A major factor that pushed for the change was the growing number of potential cover girls that veered away from the old formula of rising starlets--usually of the sexy, willing-to-bare-flesh kind. Call it the more risque attitude of the modern generation but nowadays, today's potential cover girls can be found from TV shows to YouTube. Sure, they're not as willing to show off their naked bodies but, boy, are they willing to grind and twerk for the cameras. In short, it's goodbye, Diana Zubiri, and hello (hopefully), Yassi Pressman and Ella Cruz.

Does that mean we won't see the likes of Kim Domingo in the magazine anymore? We sincerely hope not. After all, FHM Philippines can rightfully claim that it has a hand in pushing her Facebook page followers past the 1-million mark and promoting her from being just another carshow model to a bonafide GMA Network talent.

Fans of some of the sections that have disappeared from the magazine need not worry though because the publication has simply migrated these online to so tuloy pa rin ang saya.

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