Friday, February 5, 2016

The Mitsubishi Pajero's demise has been greatly exaggerated

Back in November 2016, various news outlets reported that the Mitsubishi Pajero nameplate was going to be retired due to weight and fuel economy issues, though, ironically, the Japanese carmaker did admit that its future was in SUVs hence the continued production of the Mitsubishi Montero Sport for the ASEAN market and the Mitsubishi Outlander for everywhere else.

Well, it seems the Pajero's demise has been greatly exaggerated based on our conversation with Mitsubishi Motors Philippines marketing manager Arlan Reyes.

"It's not true that the production of the Pajero will be stopped," Reyes told TheTypicalGuy. "It's the development of the next-generation Pajero that has been suspended temporarily. It will be resumed in the future although no date has been set yet on when it will be launched."

As the current-generation Pajero turns 10 this year (twice the lifetime of most car models save for the recently-discontinued Land Rover Defender), Reyes added that it will continue to be produced in Japan.

Mitsubishi Pajero loyalists can sleep better at night now knowing that the nameplate will still be around though they might have to wait a couple of years at least to see the next-gen model.

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