Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Video: Watch 26 years' worth of 21 Formula 1 cars taking the same Senna 'S' curves on Interlagos

Interlagos is one of our favorite Formula 1 tracks for a lot of reasons not only because it often serves as one of, if not, the last race of the season, but also because of its challenging design. It has a combination of tight corners and sweeping straights, is one of the few races that's run counter-clockwise, and the track itself is built on an undulating surface instead of the more common flat ones used in modern F1 tracks.

One example on the track that exhibits all these qualities is the Senna 'S' curves which is the collective name for Turns 1 and 2. From the long Grandstand Straight, entry to Turn 1 is a tight downhill left followed by an equally tight downhill right Turn 2 before the sweeping, slightly uphill entry to the Curva do Sol Turn 3. According to Wikipedia, the Senna 'S' curves is challenging because Turns 1 and 2 "have a different angle, a different radius, a different length, a different inclination (inward or outward) and a different shape (besides the terrain goes down and then up again)."

YouTube channel rferrerF1 recently posted a video that shows Formula 1 cars from 1990 to 2014 tackling the Senna 'S' curves. It's worth noting how the entrance and exit speeds of the cars from 1990 are much slower compared to the cars that followed in the later years. You'll also notice how the Williams-Renault FW13B driven by Ricardo Patrese in the 1990 season still used a six-speed manual gearbox.

Check out the video below. 

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