Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Video: Goodbye Philippines documentary takes a close look at Bulacan's backyard firecracker manufacturing industry

Did you know that the Philippine National Police (PNP) classifies a firecracker as having only half a teaspoon of black powder, or gun powder, and any incendiary device that has more than that is already classified as an explosive? Well, that's according to the PNP personnel interviewed for a documentary shot by Full Stack Philippines about the backyard firecracker manufacturing industry in Bulacan.

Aptly titled Goodbye Philippines after the obscenely large firecracker that contains half a kilogram of black powder in its triangular paper package, the documentary touches on the local firecracker manufacturing industry in Bocaue, Bulacan--from the people who make them in their backyard and the medical personnel that treat the victims injured by the mishandling of the firecrackers to the emergency personnel who respond to fires in the area which, as expected, are sometimes caused by firecrackers.

A surprising note--at least to me--that was mentioned in the documentary is that local delicacies made of sticky rice are contributing factors to firecracker-related injuries. The video also shows how lamentable the local firecracker manufacturing industry is as the individuals behind it would rather make simple ones that explode and make noise, forcing the sellers to procure the flashy aerial fireworks from China.

You can watch the 14-minute long documentary below.

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