Saturday, January 9, 2016

Pornhub's 2015 Year in Review reveals Philippines' preference in porn calls itself the "world's biggest porn site," and it probably is since it's basically a tube site where you can actually watch porn clips for free. As such, millions--maybe even billions--of people browse through its content.

At the end of every year, Pornhub releases the data it has compiled "from billions of hits, all to explore the intricacies of online porn viewership," and for 2015, the Philippines has made some inroads in pornography that has caught the site's attention.

Unsurprisingly, traditional local media outlets--and a few new-media ones like Yugatech--only touched on one part of the report: Pornhub's visitors from the Philippines spent an average of 12 minutes and 45 seconds on  the site, the most by any country as second-placed United States averaged nine minutes and 51 seconds. That's right, Filipinos spent nearly three minutes more on Pornhub than Americans. Perhaps we could account for that lengthy period by Filipinos having to deal with slow internet service, which is entirely plausible but then again, we're just natural horndogs.

Being typical guys, we, of course, dug deeper through Pornhub's extensive data for 2015 and we found a few more juicy tidbits regarding the Philippines' porn-viewing habits.

Of the top 20 countries that visit Pornhub, the Philippines has climbed up three notches to 16th place, up by three notches from 2014's 19th place.

When it comes to interests, the Philippines' most searched categories in porn are the words "teen," "massage," and "cartoon."

Furthermore, a closer look into the Philippines top 10 searches in Pornhub reveals we patronize our own, with the terms "pinoy" and "pinay" leading the list while a search for "pinoy scandal" showed the most growth with an increase of 248%. As for the most searched pornstar locally, it's recent Manila visitor Maria Ozawa.

Here are the other notable insights Pornhub gleaned from Pinoy porn viewing habits:

  • When it comes to Pornhub's female viewers, the Philippines is also on top at 35%, up by 1% from 2014.

  • Concerning the age of Pornhub's viewers from the Philippines, the 18 to 24 year-old bracket is the most at 42% followed by the 25 to 34 year-old (31%), the 35 to 44 year-old (12%), the 45 to 54 year-old (7%), the 55 to 64 year-old (5%), and those who are 65 years old and above (3%).

  • For devices used to access Pornhub, smartphones have shown a significant increase at 60%, up by 12% from 2014 while desktop computer usage has shrunk to 26% from 2014's 38%. Tablets though have remained steadfast at 14% year-to-year.

  • Holidays and events in the Philippines also have an effect on Pornhub. Traffic to the site decreased by 44% on the New Year's Eve of 2014 while viewership on Christmas Day and Christmas Eve lessened by 36% and 5%, respectively. Easter Sunday hardly affected Pornhub's traffic from the Philippines as it registered only a meager 2% decrease. Horny Filipinos and Filipinas though didn't care much for the highly-anticipated Pacquiao vs. Mayweather boxing match as traffic only went down by 15%.

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