Thursday, January 28, 2016

DeLorean Motor Company hopes to begin reproduction of its iconic vehicle by 2017

With the recent approval of a bill in the United States Congres that, among other things, allows low-volume motor vehicle manufacturers to reproduce a limited number of replica vehicles annually--vehicles that resemble the appearance of cars produced 25 years ago or more--the DeLorean Motor Company has announced that it plans to resume production of its lone model, the iconic DeLorean DMC-12, by 2017.

The DeLorean Motor Company clarified though that, while the bill officially gives them the go-signal to reproduce the car 34 years after the last model rolled out of the original plant in Northern Ireland, it will still have to meet Clean Air Act standards based on the model year in which the vehicle is produced.

Fortunately, as a low-volume vehicle manufacturer, the new law allows the DeLorean Motor Company to meet the standards by either procuring the engines and emissions control and on-board diagnostic systems from a major car manufacturer or by creating its own engine which has passed the standard and granted an executive order by the California Air Resources Board. According to DeLorean, it is already looking for a supplier for its engine and other necessary parts for it to meet its target of reproducing the DMC-12 by 2017.

"A number of hurdles exist before production can begin, and we're still early on in this process of determining the feasibility of moving forward," the DeLorean Motor Company said in a statement.

So, if you plan on acquiring a DeLorean DMC-12 soon, you should place your order right now because the DeLorean Motor Company can only produce no more than 325 units in a calendar year as stated in the law.

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