Tuesday, January 5, 2016

After 1,359 regular-season games, Tim Duncan fails to score a point in a game

For the first time in his career, after 1,359 regular-season games from when he first took the court against against the Denver Nuggets in October 31, 1997 where he scored 15 points, San Antonio Spurs' Tim Duncan has failed to score a point in a game.

Duncan's record fell in the January 2, 2016 duel between the Spurs and the Houston Rockets at the former's home court in the AT&T Center in San Antonio, Texas. The game, which was won by the Spurs 121-103, saw Duncan only make three field goal attempts and play for only 14 minutes.

Although the 2015--2016 season is far from over, this season has been Duncan's weakest so far with an average of 8.7 points and 7.9 rebounds after 29 games. Spurs coach Greg Popovich did say before the start of the season though that he'd like to keep Duncan well-rested as the team makes its way into the playoffs.

Photo from the San Antonio Spurs' Facebook page

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