Thursday, December 3, 2015

Waze now offers C-3PO as navigation voice guide

Waze users who happen to be Star Wars fans will certainly like the latest update offered by the popular community-based traffic and navigation app as it now offers C-3PO as their voice-guide.

Previously, the only way you could have Star Wars characters as your GPS navigation app voice guide was through TomTom which gave users the chance to have their daily commute guided by the voices of not just C-3PO but of Darth Vader, Yoda, and Han Solo as well! The catch though is that you have to pay £7.95 (around P560) for each one of the aforementioned voices. Good thing though that Waze has made it possible for us to have the voice of the film franchise's popular protocol droid for free as we make out way through the metro's streets. 


As expected, Threepio uses some of his dialogues from the film franchise, like how he'll be "destroyed for sure" when he reports a hazard up ahead or how he shouldn't be believed when you'll be encountering a policeman soon because "he's just an interpreter." It's even funny when you've reached your destination--regardless if it's your office, workplace, or the mall--and he remarks how a "desolate place" it is.

You can also earn extra points through Waze's point system by driving through road goodies--which are depicted as stormtroopers, TIE fighters, lightsabers, and even R2-D2 and BB-8--that you'll find on the app's map.

Download it now so you can have Threepio guide you to the cinemas once Star Wars: The Force Awakens hits the cineplex near you in two weeks' time!

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