Saturday, December 12, 2015

A typical guy's guide to oral sex as taught by pornstars

One of the most important aspects of sex is foreplay. And as much as we guys would want to get into action right away, it's important that our female companion gets into the mood as well. So past the movie and dinner and whatever it is you do before you get into bed with your date/girlfriend/wife, it's vital that you get her hot and heavy for you, and that's where oral sex comes in.

So, with the help of pornstars Dana DeArmond, Annika Albrite, Skin Diamond, and Penny Pax, on the fine art of cunnilingus with the guys of Simple Pickup using oysters.

So, to sum that all up, you kiss them from the stomach down to the inner thigh before you hit the pussy, and then you give it long licks up and down, lightly tap it with your finger and slowly increase the tempo and pressure before you slip your finger in slowly. They also advise you to put some variation on how you lick a pussy, maybe suck the inner lip and compliment her on the taste of her vagina, give her some eye contact while you're going down on her, and most importantly, when she tells you not to stop and to keep going, DO EXACTLY THAT.

And Dana DeArmond looks hot, like Tita Hot.

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