Friday, November 6, 2015

Uber now testing cash payment option for Metro Manila

As good as an option Uber is for traveling around Metro Manila in comfort, its strength was also its weakness: its cashless payment system.

While the use of an Uber vehicle was limited to those who possessed a credit or debit card giving it an air of exclusivity, it deterred potential passengers who still wanted to pay for purchases and services availed in cold, hard cash. Well, that is no longer the case as the app-based transport network provider has begun accepting cash "as an alternative payment option."

To avail this, an Uber subscriber or app-user has to activate the app, go to the menu on the top left corner, select the Payment tab and then 'CASH' as their preferred mode of payment. The user then requests for a vehicle, confirm their pickup location, and their payment method. Upon reaching their destination and before they get out of the vehicle, the passenger only needs to pay the amount that's indicated in the app in cash directly to the driver.

Uber clarified though that it is gradually rolling out the option to its users so it won't be available to everyone for now. It did say though that it will gradually expand the cash payment scheme to more riders in the future.

According to Uber, the Philippines is the second country in Southeast Asia after Vietnam and only the fifth country worldwide after India, Kenya, Saudi Arabia, and Vietnam where Uber has introduced the cash payment option. It also recognized the Philippines "as the first country with a dedicated national ride-sharing regulatory framework" that allowed it to test the cash payment scheme.

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