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Restaurant Review: Lucky House Lumpia & Fried Chicken Restaurant - Comfort Chinese food in the middle of Sampaloc, Manila

Eating out is always a treat, especially when you discover a new eating place that serves your favorite comfort food at affordable prices. Luckily for us, we discovered a new hole-in-the-wall restaurant near our house that offers all that!

The place is called Lucky House Lumpia and Fried Chicken Restaraunt and it's located at the corner of A.H. Lacson Avenue and S.H. Loyola Street in Sampaloc, Manila--about a couple of blocks from the University of Santo Tomas from the corner of EspaƱa and  A.H. Lacson going toward Roxas Boulevard. We actually discovered the place as we were driving home one night since it was brightly lit and was one of the first establishments to open up at the new building that occupied the lot. Anyway, as we were pondering what to have for dinner one night, we thought of trying out the new place and instead of ordering the food to-go, we thought we'd just drive there and save ourselves the hassle of washing the dishes after eating--a chore that often falls to me!

Anyway, when we first saw the place, the wife said the name reminded her of an old Chinese restaurant she used to go to with her family. Owing to the newness of the location though, everything about the place seemed spotless, thanks in part to the stainless steel kitchen counter tops, shelves, and even the plates and cups used to serve the food and water. Another nice touch was the glass wall that separated the kitchen from the dining area so that if you were seated right beside it, you can actually see your food being prepared!

Unfortunately, we weren't able to take a photo of the menu, considering it only had a few items on it, but the good news is that everything is relatively affordable. So, I ordered the Chinese kikiam, Rachel and Dylan had the chicken mami, and Dana sampled the Chinese fried chicken. We only waited for around 15 minutes and our food was immediately served to us. To our pleasant surprise, my meal and Dana's came with a bowl of soup which we think is made of the same broth as the one used in the mami.

So, the Chinese Kikiam was cooked to perfection as it was crisply fried outside and yet was still juicy inside. It also came with its own sweet and sour sauce which complemented the kikiam well but was made too thick for my taste as I prefer it to bee a little runny. Still, it wasn't bad for P88.

I also sampled the Chinese Friend Chicken and it was very crisp and flavorful, with a taste that's quite close to Sincerity's which is the benchmark for all similar dishes. The order had three pieces of chicken and came with its own gravy. At P110, it's the most expensive dish on the menu.

As for the Chicken Mami, it came in a deep bowl and actually had a lot of meat in it as opposed to other restaurants that only put a few so at P88, it was very much worth it. The soup also tasted unique; very different from Masuki or Ma Mon Luk and yet was very much Chinese in flavor.

While Rachel and the kids had water and soda, respectively, I ordered the Sago't Gulaman which came in a big, glass mug and had lots of the, well, sago't gulaman that it was also worth it at P38.

While we were eating, more customers came in but with only two tables for four and two tables for two, the restaurant quickly became full. Fortunately, a couple of customers ordered their food to-go so the wait for a vacant table wasn't too long. There were (I think) three more tables outside that could probably seat at least six more people though the weather poses a problem since the area is exposed to the elements.

So, will we be eating there again? Definitely. It's not often you find a restaurant that serves good yet affordable food near your house. We also saw the Fresh Lumpia being made for one of the customers then and promised ourselves that we'll certainly try that next time.

UPDATE: We finally got a photo of the menu on our second visit to the place and it's a totally new one with a lot of new dishes being added to it like the Lumpiang Shanghai and Kuchai Dumpling.

Photos taken with Starmobile Muse

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