Thursday, November 12, 2015

Honda Cars Philippines launches special edition Honda City with features exclusive to the local market

Honda Cars Philippines, Inc. (HCPI) has launched a special edition variant of its Honda City subcompact sedan that is packed with features that are exclusive to the local market.

The New City 1.5 E CVT Special Edition was conceived based on the joint research of the local market that was conducted by the HCPI Research Planning & Development Team and a representative from Honda R&D Co., Ltd. Japan. Based on their findings, the Philippine market reportedly prefers a child-friendly vehicle that also protects its occupants from both the heat and airborne allergens.

As such, the New City 1.5 E CVT Special Edition's front doors have been fitted with UV Cut Glass windows that "minimizes the penetration of UV rays and infrared lights by approximately 99%," making it ideal for the country's tropical environment. A speed-sensing Auto Door Lock system has also been added to the car which automatically locks the vehicle's doors once it reaches 15kph and then unlocks them when the shift lever is set to Park Mode (P). A Panic Button has also been added to the car's key fob that, when pressed for a few seconds, activates the horns and flashes the headlights and park lights to attract attention.

The New City 1.5 E CVT Special Edition also comes with a free Sharp Plasmacluster with Ion Technology which reduces airborne allergens and microbes through the increased number of positive and negative ions as well as helps remove unwanted odors "and moisturizes the skin when constantly used."

Powering the New City 1.5 E CVT Special Edition is the same 1.5 Liter i-VTEC engine and Continuous Variable Transmission (CVT) developed under Honda's Earth Dreams Technology that powers the rest of the nameplate. It is also equipped with the Eco Assist system, which features the ECON mode "that controls the engine, drive-by-wire, transmission, and air-conditioning performance" and promotes fuel-efficient driving. And just like the rest of the vehicles in its product lineup, the New City 1.5 E CVT Special Edition is also Euro 4 compliant.

To set the New City 1.5 E CVT Special Edition apart from its nameplate siblings, it sports an exclusive, all-new Ruby Red Pearl exterior color although it's also available in Gold Brown Metallic and Taffeta White exterior.

The New Honda City 1.5 E CVT Special Edition is now available in Honda dealerships nationwide at P819,000.

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