Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Ford Philippines updates the Ford Focus with new look, advanced parking assist system, and EcoBoost engine

A month ago, we reported that Ford Philippines was launching the updated Ford Focus soon. Well, that time has come as the American carmaker launched its compact car offering to the local market yesterday.

While most midlife vehicle model update is only sheet metal-deep that mostly involves a restyled front fascia, Ford has taken it further with the Focus by equipping it with a 1.5-liter inline-four EcoBoost engine--Ford's tech-speak for its suite of engine technologies which includes turbocharging, high-pressure direct fuel-injection and twin-independent variable cam timing "to ensure optimum performance." On top of that is a new aluminum engine block which helps reduce weight and thereby improves the vehicle's performance and fuel efficiency. Paired to the mill is a six-speed automatic transmission with manual controls via paddle shifters mounted just behind the tiller.

The updated Ford Focus' biggest party trick though is its Enhanced Active Park Assist system. To complement the Parallel Park Assist system, which was introduced in the pre-facelifted model of the current-generation Focus in 2012, a Perpendicular Park Assist system has been added to the new model. Like the Parallel Park Assist system, once the Perpendicular Park Assist system is activated, it scans for available parking spaces as you drive by parked cars. Once it detects a vacant slot, the system takes control of the car's steering, leaving to the driver the control of the transmission, brakes and throttle. To cancel the system, the driver only needs to take control of the steering wheel.

Another new feature to the Enhanced Active Park Assist system is the Park-Out Assist which frees the driver from the stress of exiting a parallel parking space by again taking control of the steering duties as the driver operates the brakes and throttle.

Ford also improved the Active City Stop system which helps to prevent low-speed collisions of up to 50kph. Using a windshield-mounted sensor, the system pre-charges the brakes if it detects that it is approaching the vehicle ahead too quickly. If the driver doesn't take action, the system then reduces the engine's torque and applies the brakes automatically "to reduce the impact of a collision."

Another new feature of the updated Ford Focus is its MyKey system which allows the vehicle owner to program a spare key that can limit the vehicle's top-speed, give an earlier low-fuel warning, limit the volume of the in-car entertainment, or even disable the car completely if the seatbelt is not fastened. This is perfect for parents who occasionally let their teenage kids borrow the car for the weekend.

"The new Ford Focus has been created with our customers and their needs in mind," said Ford Philippines' managing director Kay Hart. "The sophisticated, energized and progressive new Focus is loaded with the smartest and safest technologies in its segment, making it absolutely more efficient and cleverly designed, all within a more refined package."

The new Ford Focus will be available for delivery in November and will be offered in four variants:

1.5-liter Focus GTDI EcoBoost Sport+ AT - P1.278 million
1.5-liter Focus GTDI EcoBoost Titanium+ AT - P1.278 million
1.5-liter Focus GTDI EcoBoost Sport AT - P1.088 million
1.5-Focus GTDI EcoBoost Titanium AT - P1.088 million

Photos taken with Starmobile Muse

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