Thursday, January 13, 2011

Petron Lubricants Offer 2011 Calendar Collection

Ringing in the New Year, the country’s leading oil company offers its 2011 Petron Calendar Collection featuring hot cars and hot babes. Buyers of Petron lubricant products can avail of these collectible calendars at selected Petron sales center outlets and Petron car care centers. The 2011 Petron Calendar Collection is available in three different versions, featuring Petron Ultron, Petron Rev X, and Petron Sprint 4T lubricants.

Petron offers a full range of lubricant products for various vehicle requirements. For gasoline engines, the Petron Ultron range of multi-grade oils are specially formulated to ensure anti-wear protection and thermal stability. Petron Rev X is the brand of premium engine oils designed for diesel engines, and is available in several variants to meet diverse operating conditions. For the fast-growing motorcycle market, Petron Sprint 4T motorcycle oils contain an essential thermal control system specially designed to meet the requirements of four-stroke motorcycles.

Petron operates a world-class lube oil blending plant at its Pandacan Terminal, where it manufactures a wide range of lubricant products. This blending facility is recognized as one of the best in the region, producing consistently high-quality products designed to meet international specifications.

Petron Corporation is the largest oil refining and marketing company in the Philippines. 

The Typical Guy says:  It's a brand new year and since scantily clad girls and cars do look good together, it's only natural that a big oil company like Petron come up with what you see above.  In my opinion, though, they should've went with a popular starlet or a car show model for the calendar since that would definitely attract more people into buying their products instead of some anonymous, no-name models.  They're pretty, no doubt about that, but buyers will always go after the one that has a famous name or face attached to it. 


Pinay Nude said...

wow. syang di ako nakakuha ng calendar nito. meron kaya ngaun to year 2012?

sarap ilagay sa kwarto ko yan haha.

Anonymous said...

I am a girl here, but I will imagine a boy rather than a girl on this picture, just so my comment will make sense, and not awkward. I think the car would look a ton better being driven by the character Tony Stark, rather than a model.