Wednesday, August 4, 2010

2onetwo Auto Care Pasig, you have lost a very, very loyal customer.

I went there last July 11 for my car's monthly double coating of wax while I had a late lunch at Charlie's Grind & Grill. When I came back to inspect the car after eating, there was this big, deep scratch mark on the driver's side rear quarter panel that went all the way down to the primer. 

Good job, 2onetwo Auto Care Pasig!

Ironically enough, the thickness of the scratch suggested that it was the rotary buffer's backing plate that caused it. Even the direction of the scratch is consistent with the left-to-right motion when one uses a rotary buffer on a car. I had the feeling the guy buffing my car wasn't that well-trained because while pulling the extension cord to buff the other side of my car, he left the rotary buffer on while pinning it under his armpit. Sure enough, his shirt got ripped in half after it got caught in the spinning buffer pad, leaving him with a couple of bruises on his arm and torso. 

Anyway, when I pointed out the scratch to the supervisor, he called the guy who buffed my car who said that it had been there a long time. I pointed out to them that I practically see the entire length of the driver's side of my car everyday since that's the exposed side in our garage so I'm very familiar with even the faintest scratch on that side, even if the car was covered in a week's worth of dust.  And as you can see, the size of the gash isn't that hard to miss.

In the end, they just shrugged their shoulders and walked away, leaving me around P5000+ poorer for the double wax coating and, for later that week, to retouch the scratched part. 

Yes, the scratch went all the way down to the primer.  Ouch!

I went to Big Bert's today and they've been very helpful in explaining to me the correct process on how to buff a car.  And from what I've seen at 2onetwo (they use the same buffing pad for the two coats of wax!), Big Bert's is definitely waaaaaaay ahead of them when it comes to knowing how to do a job right.

I only patronized 2onetwo because I often eat at Charlie's but I've been meaning to switch to Big Bert's since I know the guys behind it. Well, 2onetwo just gave me the perfect - albeit expensive - reason to dump them and switch to a more professional, more experienced auto detailer.  I mean, if Porsche owners trust Big Bert's to do a good job on their cars, then that means they (Big Bert's) know what they're doing when it comes to auto detailing.  As for 2onetwo in Pasig, the many times I've been there, I just can't recall any high-end car getting a wash & wax there.  I mean, if moneyed folks don't bring their cars there to get them detailed or at least given its monthly wash & wax, I guess that's an indicator that you can't really trust the shop's work.  So yeah, that's a lesson learned right there.

The scratch is even longer than a magazine.  And yet the guys at 2onetwo Pasig have the gall to say it's been there's a long time!  I bet even Stevie Wonder can see that gash from a mile away!

Sure, 2onetwo, you've got lots of customers so you probably won't miss the roughly P900 I spend for your car wash and wax services every month.  The thing is, by putting this out, I'm letting everyone else know the shoddy work of your people and how irresponsible they are to admit when they are at fault.

Good riddance, 2onetwo Pasig!

So, goodbye 2onetwo Auto Care Pasig.  My not patronizing you anymore may be insignificant enough to not affect your sales you but I sure as hell will do my best to let everyone know the kind of service you have in store for your unlucky customers.

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Steven said...

Holy shoot, that's an effing long scratch bro! Sorry it had to happen to you and that it had to come to this to make you switch. Another shop that's good is LG2 along N. Domingo between Gilmore Ave and the old Magnolia compound. I wrote about their shop for FHM last year. I know the owner, if you wanna give them a try. I also know a painter who can match paint perfectly, right down to the size of the metallic flakes. Text me if you're interested. Thanks for the heads-up Pat, you've just taken away one potential customer from 2onetwo. Kain tayo Charlie's minsan :) -- Steven