Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Prepare your Suzuki APV Type II for rainy day driving

After suffering through an extremely hot El NiƱo summer, PAGASA is warning about the onset of the rainy season which is expected to peak in July and August, with at least 10 tropical cyclones entering the country between June and September.

Motoring advise columns list some basic precautions to prepare for rainy day driving, and one of the most basic is to check and replace the front and rear wiper blades of your Suzuki APV Type II.  Old or brittle wiper blades may leave streaks on or even scratch your windshield, seriously limiting visibility during bad weather.  Don’t wait for the rains to start, do a quick wiper check now by turning on your windshield washer and note any streaking, chattering or other obvious problems with your front and rear wipers. Furthermore, the Suzuki APV Type II is equipped with a rear windshield defogger, for improved visibility in extreme weather conditions.

Another basic precaution you can take is to check the condition of the tires on your Suzuki APV Type II. Check that the tire treads are deep enough for good traction.  Bald tires can result in hydroplaning, especially at higher speeds.  Of course, you also need to make sure that your spare tire is properly inflated with the correct tire pressure and ready for use in case of emergencies.

It is also wise to have your brakes checked as you are more likely to need them in bad weather.  The Suzuki APV Type II is equipped with responsive ventilated front disc brakes and rear drum brakes to ensure that you have a safer, more secure ride.

Road safety experts also recommend turning on your headlights when driving in heavy rains.  In addition to better driver visibility, this also automatically activates the tail lights, making your car more visible to other vehicles behind you.  Never use your hazard lights as these can confuse the cars following you about where you’re going.  The high position of the head and tail lights on the Suzuki APV Type II also ensure better all-around visibility.

You can also consider putting together a roadside emergency kit with essential items to deal with most problem situations on the road.  You can prepare a heavy duty nylon bag containing: 12-foot jumper cables, reflector jacket, blinker lights, a quart of motor oil, blanket, extra fuses, flashlight and extra batteries, screwdriver set (flat head and Philips), pliers, vise grips, adjustable wrench, tire inflator, tire pressure gauge, rags, paper towel roll, duct tape roll, pocket knife, pen and paper, help sign, energy bars and bottled water.  In addition, you will need a first aid kit including bandages, gauze, adhesive tape, antiseptic cream, instant hot and cold compresses, scissors and aspirin. With the Suzuki APV Type II’s spacious cabin, there is plenty of room to store your basic survival kit.  However, make sure that you stick to the basic essentials and do not overload your vehicle.

Of course, the best precaution that you can take to ensure safe travel through heavy rains and flooded streets is driving the right vehicle, such as the Suzuki APV Type II.  Its air intake is strategically located above the engine, almost at hood level.  This means that the Suzuki APV Type II can safely navigate flooded streets since its engine is protected from sucking in water.  This makes the Suzuki APV Type II the perfect “baha-buster” that can be relied on even in the worst weather conditions.    With minimum ground clearance of 185mm, the Suzuki APV Type II can safely navigate even knee-high flooded areas.

The Suzuki APV Type II comes in three variants—the GLX 5-speed MT model, priced at P735,000; the SGX 5-speed MT at P775,000; and the SGX 4-speed AT at P810,000.

Suzuki Philippines is the only integrated automotive company in the country, offering passenger cars, commercial vehicles and motorcycles in its model line-up. Suzuki automobiles are available through a network of 18 dealers nationwide.

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Babsy said...

thanks for this post ... I was hesitant to buy this because it seemed low ... but your baha buster statement ... made my decision final :) buying this!