Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Experience Urbane Refinement with Honda's Crossover CR-V

Picture busy cityscape on weekdays followed by soothing countryside scenery on weekends.  Wouldn’t it be nice to have that one vehicle that can naturally handle both fast-paced modern living and that much-needed breather on the rural side?  The refreshed 2010 CR-V does well in these opposing landscapes with ease.  Having the right blend of refinement, ride and drive comfort, and generous cargo room, the CR-V lets you live a crossover lifestyle for all your life’s adventure.

Inner-city roads and tight spaces are the usual concern for SUVs.  The CR-V is a practically-sized SUV that lets city dwellers get around congested roads effortlessly, thereby eliminating the hassle of hauling heavy, full-sized SUVs.  With its compact body and adjusted suspension settings, the CR-V is remarkably nimble, easy to maneuver and has quicker steering response.  But don’t let its compact size fool you.  The CR-V prides itself with the biggest cabin and cargo room in its class, making it the ideal vehicle for families and for towing loads of cargo.

Using sedan-based platform, the CR-V has etched a reputation in excellent ride comfort.   To complement such ride pleasure, Honda added seals and insulators to reduce noise, vibrations and harshness levels.  Reduced road noise makes your trip even more relaxing.

Apart from high quality performance, the CR-V is a looker.  The 2010 CR-V is uniquely designed for those who appreciate the finer things in life.  It exudes urbane styling with its two step front grille with honeycomb design, refreshed bumpers and alloy wheel designs.  Its revitalized front-end styling balances smoothly with the CR-V’s clean lines and premium finish.

All these and more make the CR-V a staple name in its category.  That is why it has earned growing demand here in the local scene.  For year 2010, cumulative CR-V sales (January – April) showed 15% increase as compared to the same period of the previous year.

The CR-V also leads in providing security and safety as it earned international honors for its advanced safety features.  The 2010 CR-V received 5-star frontal and 5-star side-impact crash-test ratings from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA).  NHTSA is a U.S. Government agency, part of the Department of Transportation, responsible for setting safety standards and verifying compliance by automobile manufacturers.  Five-star rating, the highest rating possible, represents 10% or less chance of serious injury. 

As a manufacturer of high quality vehicles fitted with modern technologies, Honda products have been known for its reliability and high resale value.  The Kelley Blue Book, one of the most trusted sources in the U.S. for used car values, bestowed the 2010 CR-V with Best Resale Value Award in both Compact Utility Vehicle and Top 10 Categories. 

Be it here or abroad, the CR-V is recognized as a true crossover SUV that delivers pleasurable ride comfort of a sedan and ample space of an SUV, sheathed in a stylishly sophisticated body.  Over-all, the CR-V presents a reflection of the distinctively refined taste of its market. 

Crossover to the 2010 Honda CR-V and keep up with the demands of urban living.  Visit any of the 26 Honda dealers nationwide and request for a test drive.  Remember to try before you buy.  Be smart! Test drive!

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