Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Suffering from premature ejaculation? Blame your dad...

...and your dad will blame your grandfather, who, in turn, will blame your great grandfather and so on an so forth.

You see, according to the study conducted by Dr. Marcel Waldinger of the Utrecht University in The Netherlands, the speed at which a man reaches his climax while having sex is genetically determined.

The study, which will be published in The Journal of Sexual Medicine this week, followed 89 men who suffer from primary premature ejaculation, which meant that they've had this problem ever since they became sexually active. And as the study's control group, they also kept track of 92 men who have no history of premature ejaculation whatsoever.

And so for a month, the female partners used a stopwatch at home to measure the time until the men ejaculated each time they had sex.

Apparently, based on the month-long study, the researchers found out that the men who climaxed too soon had a version of a gene that controls serotonin. And since serotonin levels control the rapidity of ejaculation and one's sexual appetite, among other things, it meant that, in the men who suffered from premature ejaculation, their serotonin appeared to be less active between the nerves in the section of the brain that controls ejaculation, prompting Dr. Weldinger to say that the low activity of the hormones meant that the nerve signals are not transferred the normal way in these men, contradicting the long-standing idea that the primary form of premature ejaculation is a psychological disorder.

If so, if premature ejaculation is indeed determined by your genes, then one day, it might be possible to treat the condition with gene therapy.

A big w00t! then for the Typical Guys who had to think of their grandma or mathematical formulas or other stuff to stop themselves from cumming too soon! In the near future, you just have to get a shot and voila! You'll have a porn stud's stamina in bed for good!

But according to Paula Hall, sexual psychotherapist for Relate, though premature ejaculation is definitely not purely psychological, there can be a psychological element that can be determined by how much control they have on their own. As an example, if the problem only occurs with their partner, then it is more likely to be psychological.

She also did say, though, that men who suffer from primary premature ejaculation tended to be fast reactors generally, and thus have very quick reflexes.

Does that mean jocks and video game freaks finally have something in common? Another big w00t! then for video game freaks! You may not last long in bed, but you sure as hell pwn them in WoW!

Michael Jordan and Allen Iverson: Quick on their feet, quick in bed too?

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