Monday, October 6, 2008

Aston Martin DBS - the most expensive totaled car in the world.

Remember the Aston Martin DBS that James Bond (as portrayed by Daniel Craig) crashed and rolled over many, many times when he avoided running over the bound Vesper Lynn in the re-imagined Bond movie Casino Royale? Apparently, since the real DBS was still on the drawing boards then, Aston Martin and the production outfit behind Casino Royale had to make do with three DB9s that were re-bodied to look like the DBS. And as expected, all three cars were totaled by the time the film's production ended.

Well, in Quantum of Solace, the latest installment to the re-imagined Bond franchise, another DBS for the movie was wrecked, but this time around it happened while the car was being delivered to the movie set. But here's the kicker; of the five DBS production models alloted for the movie, it was the only one available for use at that time. And ironically enough, the car was being delivered to take part in an action sequence which was supposed to be shot later in the day with the car speeding away from a crash as a truck plunges into a lake. So much for the car making its debut, then.

According to the report, Fraser Dunn, an engineer for Aston Martin, was delivering the car straight from the factory floor onto the movie's location shoot in Italy near Lake Garda under heavy rains on a narrow road when the car went off it, plowed through the iron railing and went into the lake. So close yet so far away. Tsk tsk tsk...

Luckily enough, Mr. Dunn only suffered minor injuries while the car, unfortunately, was written off shortly thereafter. But the story doesn't end there.

Apparently, according to another report, an unnamed but very, very serious Bond fan plunked down $350,000 for the totaled DBS - a reportedly $120,000 more than a brand-spanking-new DBS with working radio, working airconditioner, unsoiled leather seats and pristine wood paneling and other good-as-new doodads would cost.

Damn! Now that's an expensive piece of British junk!

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