Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Leah Dizon is married AND pregnant?! WTF?!?

According to numerous reports, on the last stop of her nationwide tour in Japan, Asian-American gravure/J-pop idol Leah Dizon has admitted that she had gotten married over the weekend to a 29-year old Japanese stylist that she met last January, breaking the hearts of her many male fans who have fapped themselves off to her luminous beauty and OMFG! figure many, many times.

Not content with breaking the hearts of her fans, she dropped another bombshell by also announcing that there was now a bun in the oven, or to put it simply, she was now four months pregnant, thus giving some of her most ardent fans enough reason to commit seppuku.

Okay, I may be kidding on the
seppuku part, but the fact still remains: Leah Dizon is now married AND pregnant!

So, as a tribute to the Leah Dizon we'll always cherish in our hearts and in our loins, allow me to re-post her Girls of 360 video; Leah Dizon: Exposed and Uncut.

There's hope for her fans, though. If she does come back after giving birth and if she does retain her figure, not only will she be a certified MILF, her puppies would also be much bigger.

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