Thursday, October 2, 2008

For the sex- and gambling-addict...

...comes the greatest thing invented by man since Poker Chips and Condoms.

For the man who just has to indulge both vices (even at the same time!), here's Premiere Condoms' LOVE DICE.

Spice up your sex life by getting a pack! Why fumble around absentmindedly in bed when you and your partner can let the LOVE DICE decide which body part you're going to have foreplay with AND how you're going to treat it! From "Massage" + "Neck" to "Suck" + "Nipple", the Love Dice has all the answers!

The LOVE DICE comes free with a special two-pack purchase of Premiere's Ultra Thin and Dotted Condoms! So go to your nearest Watsons Pharmacy and grab a pack now because you just might have the time of your life in bed!

Be warned, though, that there's no disclaimer about the LOVE DICE being used as a Ben Wa balls substitute so proceed with caution when inserting in into your partner's wazoo unless you want to start the 'Love Dice' hospital scandal.

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