Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Dear God, please tell the local Suzuki people... replace the godawful (sorry, God) Alto with this brand-spanking new one that's coming out next year.

Because, honestly, as painfully endearing as the current one may be, it brings back memories of the horrid Kia Shame - I mean, Pride - that thankfully has been replaced by the cuter and even more delightfully endearing Kia Picanto. So hopefully, the people behind Suzuki's local office would learn from Kia and bring over the new one next year, lest they concede the entry-level car market to the likes of Kia, Chery's QQ or even Hyundai's new i10.

And I really don't understand why they still soldier on with the current Suzuki Alto when I think they should just cut their losses and move on. No use pandering to a target market that won't even bat its eyelash at you, I say.


Not Crap.

Also, I'd like to know what the local motoring hacks are smoking for them to consistently shower it with praise, like how they're "quite fond of it" and that it's "a potential sleeper." If they're fond of it and if it's a blockbuster waiting to happen, how come I don't see them buying it, not to mention I've only seen a scant few on the road? I don't know, maybe it's a "sleeper" in the sense that it's just sleeping on the showroom floor, waiting for a peso-pinching miser to come take a look at it. Or maybe it's just marketing-speak to kiss-ass with the hand that feeds, or in this case, with the hands that give them the car keys to test drive the vehicle - free of charge, of course - for an entire weekend whereas Typical Guys, like myself, are only allowed a round around the block as a "test drive."

I know. Maybe because with the QQ, even with its ancient underpinnings that's reminiscent of the Kia Shame, err, Pride, at least the exterior's styling is much more appealing in comparison to the Alto's looks-like-a-Kia-Pride, rides-like-a-Kia-Pride, drive-likes-a-Kia-Pride concerto.


Not Crap.

And in the Philippine market, a car's aesthetic beauty is only one of the two factors being considered when shopping for a brand new car, with the other factor being how much it costs. Sadly, if more people knew how unsafe the QQ might be, then individual buyers, as well as corporate ones like Coca-Cola Bottlers, Phils. Inc., would think twice if they saw how a QQ looks like after it gets involved in a frontal impact crash test. Sadly, our government either doesn't have the capability, financial or otherwise, to conduct similar crash tests before they give the go-signal to sell unsafe cars to the motoring public or they lack the cojones to require the car manufacturers to submit to such a thing for fear of losing their much-valued investment into the country. But I digress...

Not so cute now, eh?

Considering that the current Alto was just launched earlier this year, I hope it's only a stop-gap measure by the local Suzuki people as they wait for the greenlight from Japan to start bringing in the new one next year. Because, God, in a showroom that's packed with curvaceous yet gorgeous models like the Swift, the APV, the Grand Vitara and the SX4, having an ugly, lumpy dog like the Alto at one dark, forgotten corner of the showroom can put a damper on the whole car buying experience.


Not Crap.

So please, God, bring the new Suzuki Alto here. Because in today's trying times, we'd like some form of escape from it, and a car that constantly reminds you and everyone else that you're dirt poor because you have a matching car to complete the look doesn't help.


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Anonymous said...

i totally agree! are you gonna get this celerio?