Tuesday, September 23, 2008

The Typical Guy's 2008 NFL Week 3 Review...

Last week's lengthy review turned out to be more troublesome than it's worth, no thanks to Blogger's 200-character limit for the labels. So from now on, I'll limit my review to just a few of the teams whose game for that week were significant to either my love for the team, were statistically important for the team, or the game's importance to the season's standings.

After executing what was their best start in 17 years, the Arizona Cardinals reverted back to their losing ways as Edgerrin James' fumble and Kurt Warner's interception helped the Washington Redskins win, 24-17. And lucky enough to capitalize on both errors was Redskins' defensive back, Carlos Rogers, who not only recovered Edge's fumble, he intercepted Warner's pass and ran with the ball to Arizona's 15-yard line, giving the Redskins' a chance to score two plays later with a Santana Moss touchdown. And even if the Cardinals got the ball back with 3:42 left in the game, Warner couldn't move the offense, denying the team of their first 3-0 start since 1974.

As for the Indianapolis Colts, the absence of 2007 defensive player of the year Bob Sanders clearly hurt them as the Jacksonville Jaguars' vaunted running game finally delivered with a 23-21 victory that kept Peyton Manning on the sideline most of the game. With the win, the Jaguars are now 1-2 while the Colts drop to 1-2 as well.

And though the Colts went down but tried to keep it close, I could almost swear that the New England Patriots just laid down and let the once-hapless Miami Dolphins have their way with them. Because, really, how could the most prepared team in the NFL go down against the Dolphins? Granted, the Dolphins' play was on the unorthodox side, having running back Ronnie Brown score four of his five touchdown after taking the snap from center. But to not have an answer for that after the first couple of times? Maybe Bill Belichick misses videotaping those signals now because from the way the Patriots played, they certainly looked lost out there.

The Dallas Cowboys, though, were on a roll as they brought down the Green Bay Packers 27-16, as they went up 3-0 for the season. And though the Packers' plan on stopping Terrell Owens with double-, sometimes even triple-, coverage did work, that only meant the rest of their offensive line-up were open with backup wide receiver Miles Austin even catching a couple of big passes. For Packers quarterback, Aaron Rodgers, though, he finally experienced his first loss in the regular season as he got sacked five times and was unable to put together some consistent scoring drives.

With pre-season favorite San Diego Chargers down 0-2, the game against the New York Jets was certainly a 'must-win' one since a 0-3 hole is a hard one to climb out of in the NFL. And win they did as an explosive Chargers' offense hung on to Philip Rivers' touchdown passes to Mike Tolbert, Antonio Gates and Chris Chambers to win the game, 48-29. Even the toe-injury-nursing LaDainian Tomlinson chipped in with a couple of 2-yard touchdown runs. Looks like the limited time Brett Favre had to learn the Jets' system is starting to hurt them.

On to Week 4 then!

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