Thursday, September 11, 2008

John McCain picked Sarah Palin...

...because she's a patriotic American who's not afraid of her God-given right to bear arms...

...even though the fact that the picture above depicts her as a certified gun-toting beauty queen who just happens to be a bonafide MILF because she's wearing an American flag bikini as she poses with a *inhale* Crossman Silver 66 Powermaster Air Rifle *exhale* had nothing to do with it because the picture was cleverly photoshopped purely to satirize that very image.

Anyway, check out these pictures of her taken in 1984 from her Miss Wasilla beauty pageant days as well as her current photo as the Republican vice-presidential nominee. Not bad for a couple of photos that were taken almost 25 years apart.

Still, it's kinda hard not to notice McCain checking out her "assets" during her speech as he plays with his wedding ring. Thinking about "drilling Alaska" eh? Is she the kind of running "mate" you were really looking for? Maybe you're thinking about a different kind of "vice" president eh?

Whatever, but if I were an American, all I'd say is...

Vote Sarah Palin for MILF!!!

McCain MILF '08

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