Friday, September 12, 2008

In 735 days, Shaquille O'Neal will go from being the Phoenix Suns' center... being a cop. Or to be more specific, he might take up a career in law enforcement, quite possibly in Orange County, Florida if he had his way. At least that's what he said to a reporter from Central Florida News 13.

And he was pretty specific about it. He didn't say 733 or 734 or even 736. He specifically said his career in basketball will end in 735 days, which probably meant he'll just finish what's left on his contract with the Suns and then retire from the game where he dominated the shaded area on court not so long ago.

That means come 2010 season, he'll be 37 years old by then - an age where only five centers have averaged double-digit scores, with Kareem Abdul-Jabbar on top with 22 points per game (PPG) during the '85 season and, at 5th, Hakeem Olajuwon with 10.3 PPG in the 2000 season. So if he keeps his game consistent and performs at the same level for the remaining two years the way he played for the Suns last season, then he just might bump off "Hakeem The Dream" from the list and be in the top four ahead of the now-little-known and unpretentious Artis Gilmore.

Still, I can't imagine Shaq being a cop. After all, what good would a 7'1", 325 lbs. cop do? With his size, he makes a pretty easy target for criminals with itchy trigger fingers. And he certainly can't go undercover because who doesn't know Shaq?! And again, his size presents a problem unless he goes deep, deep undercover like a lamp post or a tree or something! Or maybe, he can join a SWAT team and be a one-man battering ram to break in doors!

Well, at least we know he hardly has game anymore or else he might do a Brett Favre and un-retire a couple of months after he retires...

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