Monday, September 8, 2008

After the Toyota Fortuner's facelift...

...the next one to get a facelift from the brand's IMV project is the Hilux pickup. And unlike the facelifted Fortuner, this new-look-yet-same-old Hilux is now available here, at least based from what I've seen in Toyota Motors Philippines' website.

Again, the facelift is expected since the old-look Hilux was released at roughly the same time as the Fortuner SUV and Innova MPV, the Hilux's IMV project siblings, were.

Adopting a look that closely resembles its American cousin, the Tacoma (which is basically a modified and rebadged Hilux for North America), the new-look Hilux gets a brand new front bumper and honeycomb grille while inside the cabin, minor design changes to the switchgear were done to improve ergonomics. On the technical front, the only change is an updated suspension set-up with new double-row roller-type rear axle bearings with new bushes and a better valve structure on the front shocks.

That's about it, really. Very minor upgrades from a very conservative manufacturer.

Now, with the Fortuner and the Hilux getting their much-needed IMV makeover, when will the local Innova get its treatment done, if ever, since it's already been unveiled in Malaysia?

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