Saturday, September 27, 2008

After Marcus Camby, could Allen Iverson be next?

In an interview with Rocky Mountain News, Allen Iverson has said that's a big possibility since he's on the last year of his contract with the Denver Nuggets where he's going to get paid $20.84 million, making him the team's highest paid player for the year.

Further adding fuel to the fire is that AI wanted to opt out of the final season of his contract by signing a multi-year contract with the Nuggets, with AI even offering to play for less money, but the Nuggets never even bothered to present him with a counter-offer.

But what really drove it home to AI was when Marcus Camby was traded to the LA Clippers for next to nothing. And for a team that's looking to rebuild like Denver, there's a big chance they may trade him before the deadline and get something for him in return rather than losing him as a free agent while they got nothing back.

So unless the Nuggets make an offer sometime this upcoming season and AI accepts it (since he did say he wants to continue playing with the team), that would make Iverson free to sign with any team that would make him an offer he can't refuse.

Now the questions are, where would he go and who would want to have him on their team?

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