Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Toyota's Fortuner gets a facelift...

...and it's not surprising really, considering the model's been around since 2005, it's about time it got one to get back into Toyota's fold the interested buyers who were keen on picking up (was that a pun on the Fortuner's humble pickup-based origins?) a Fortuner but were turned off with the kilometer-long waiting list when it was on everyone's (everyone who was rich enough, that is) To-Buy list.

And as always, with Toyota, the facelift was conservative, at best. Highlighting the facelift is the new grille, with the plasticky, Hilux-looking grille being replaced with a more masculine, toothy-looking one. The headlamps also have been upgraded, with new projector headlamps replacing the reflectors from the pre-facelifted Fortuner.

From what can be seen in the photos and from what I've read online, rounding out the changes are new rear lights, DVD Navigation system (in the Philippines? that'll be the day...), new light sand interior (to make it look less claustrophobic?), electronic-adjust seater for driver and rear airconditioning vents from the ceiling for the second and third row seats. Like I said, it's a facelift so I have no idea whatsoever if there were any changes done under the skin, but most probably the same drivetrain and powerplant combos still soldiers on.
And I don't know yet when the new-look Fortuner is going to be available locally but I'm sure it's gonna be sooner than we expect since it's already being marketed in Malaysia.

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