Friday, August 8, 2008

Team USA gets dressed for Prep School.

Yes, you're looking at the ensemble the entire Team USA will wear in tonight's opening ceremony for the 2008 Beijing Olympics. It's so preppy, so stylish, so... Chariots-of-Fire-like.

And just by looking at the photo, you wouldn't be surprised to find out that the entire set (tropical wool navy blazers emblazoned with oversized Polo ponies, off-white wool trousers, white cotton broadcloth shirts, white twill newsboy caps and striped silk neckwear - ties for the men, scarves for the women) - was designed by Ralph Lauren, which really fits the occasion since his name is so synonymous with American fashion.

I supposed the reason for the design has a lot to do with China's cooler climate as opposed to Greece's warm Mediterranean climate, hence the 2004 Athens Olympics' short-sleeve jackets and shorts ensemble. That plus the fact that maybe they want to give the other countries a fashionable finger by saying, "Hey, look at us! We're so stylish in our preppy clothes while you're all either so boring in your country's traditional formal wear or so drab in your track suit combos!"

And just so you know, Ralph Lauren will also provide the entire Team USA's sportier outfits for the Olympic Village AND for the closing ceremony, so I expect a lot of athletes - particularly those from third-world countries (like the Philippines, for example) - who'd be eager to swap their clothes with those from their counterparts in Team USA.

Around 200 non-personalized jackets will be available after the opening ceremony at and at Ralph Lauren stores for the princely sum of
$695, and it's expected they'll sell out this weekend. So if you're a fashionista (or an opportunist who plans to sell it on eBay for twice the amount, at the very least), I suggest you check the site every hour after the opening ceremony or else you'll be out of style (like me and 99.99% of the Earth's population).