Tuesday, August 12, 2008

So Favre, so good...

After 6 seasons of playing with quarterbacks the likes of Chad Pennington (who's injury-prone and has a weak arm) and Kellen Clemens (whose arm strength is good but lacks the experience), the New York Jets finally have a signal caller who can REALLY throw a pass AND direct the team's offense from the line of scrimmage. And they have nothing BUT praise for Brett and for the talent he brings to the team.

To get him up to speed, the Jets have been throwing everything in their playbook at Brett. And like a true professional, Brett has been busy studying it all. After all, it's not that easy to dump 16 seasons of what's become muscle memory to you for a new set of offensive plays that go along with a new set of names for you to call out to.

But with Brett, it's not all about firing missiles as he also brings his instinct of reading the opposing team's defense on the field; an instinct the likes of which only Peyton Manning can match. And he can, on occasion, run with the ball as well, which, unfortunately presents a problem with his offensive linesmen, whose job is to protect Brett from getting sacked. And that means they have to constantly be aware of what Brett wants to do in the pocket - if he's looking to throw a pass or to handing it off to a running back, or just maybe if he's planning to run with the ball himself.

But it's Brett Favre we're talking about here. Any fine-tuning you need to do to complement his game is going to be worth it.

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