Thursday, August 14, 2008

Meanwhile, in the NFL...'s been a slow news day, with hardly anything worthwhile (for me, at least) happening, save for Brett Favre saying in an interview that his "rocket arm" (I can't say "laser rocket arm" because that belongs to Peyton Manning) is fatigued. I can't blame him, really. He's 38, he's been studying and practicing a brand new playbook for almost 5 straight days, getting acquainted with his new receivers routes. To do all that after 16 years of muscle memory has been drilled into your mind and body playing Green Bays West Coast offense, his arm being fatigued wouldn't be a surprise really.

So I guess we'll just gave to see what's gonna happen when the Jets play the Redskins on Saturday (Sunday, Manila time).

New York Jets Training Camp

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