Thursday, August 21, 2008

I said it once (in another blog) and I'll say it again...

...and that is; Usain Bolt is the GOAT. By claiming the gold AND setting a new world record for both the 100- and 200-meter sprint in the 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing, he is definitely the Greatest Of All Time.

And again, much like how he broke the 100-meter world record last Saturday in such convincing fashion, for the 200-meter sprint, he literally left everyone behind even as they were all running into a slight headwind, with his closest (legal) competitor, USA's Shawn Crawford, lagging behind by .66 of a second. I mean, really, just look at that GAAAAAP! And even if Netherlands Antilles' Churandy Martina's time of 19.82 wasn't disqualified, again, look at that GAAAAAP!

Never in the fast-paced world of athletic sprinting has the opposition been so convincingly outpaced and outclassed by such a dominant sprinter like Usain Bolt has. And as a sign of Bolt's greatness, consider this; ever since the modern Olympic games started in 1896, Bolt is the very first man to win both the 100- and 200-meter sprint events in the same Olympics while establishing world records.

And barring any unfortunate event, like, say, the BALCO Scandal, the world records he set are likely to stand for some time, particularly the 200-meter sprint since that took 12 long years to break.

So after 12 years and by just .02 of a second, it's time to bid Michael Johnson's old world record, "Goodbye,"... we say "Hello" to the NEW World Record, courtesy of the undisputed World's Fastest Man, Usain Bolt.

As a former varsity track runner and as part of the viral marketing machinery for Bolt, I feel proud for what he has achieved in Beijing. When I took on the project promoting Puma's videos on Bolt just as the Olympic Games started, I never even heard of him. But after watching the videos, reading up on everything about him, and of course, watching his record-breaking races in the Bird's Nest Stadium, I feel that, in some small, even minuscule way, I helped Bolt get to where he is now in the eyes of the people - as insignificant that may be.

I just pray he's the real deal because, after what happened to Ben Johnson and Marion Jones, the sport of Athletics needs a breath of fresh air. And hopefully, that breath of fresh air comes in the form of Jamaica's 'Lightning' Bolt.

"Flame on!"

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