Tuesday, August 26, 2008

A (Honda) City like no other...

As I mentioned in my most recent blog, regardless of the occasion of Toyota Philippines' 20th anniversary in the country, why launch a limited edition series of a model that was just released roughly a year ago? Because, more often than not, a "limited edition" tag is only bestowed on a car if it's about to reach its maximum lifespan - sort of as a last-ditch effort to squeeze more sales out of a dying model.

And then I found this; images of Honda's Vios-fighter, the brand-spanking-new fifth-generation City.

Now, although the model you see here is the Malaysian version (hence the right-hand drive steering-wheel) I don't see why the Philippines' version would look any different, at least externally. And if you ask me, with the metallic blue color and the gun metal grey-colored grille, I can't help but see Optimus Prime's face in the City.

Whereas the fourth-generation City was a notchback version of the petrol-frugal Jazz hatchback, the new-model City and Jazz are completely different vehicles from one another, save for both models sharing the same powerplants and the same Civic-derived steering wheel. But from what I've heard and read, everything else, from the chassis all the way up inside to the interiors are all unique to their respective models.

From what you can see in the photos, the City's headlamps are the more traditional reflector lenses as opposed to the more expensive projector type ones. Also, the new City has rear disc brakes, much like the new-model Jazz, ditching the previous model's rear drum brakes, improving the car's active safety package.

And so, with both the Jazz and the City riding on entirely separate chassis', gone is the sense of déjà vu one usually felt when shifting between the previous-gen Jazz and City, as we welcome a new sense of wonderment with the release of Honda's 1-2 combo in the subcompact department.

Sweet lookin' ride, if you ask me. And if our local model looks anything like the one in the photos, then I just might place an order soon - if I had the money, that is...

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