Wednesday, August 13, 2008

For the Redeem Team, now comes the hard part...

...because after steamrolling through China (101-70) and Angola (97-76), they next go up against Greece, a team that picked-and-rolled Team USA (who're fielding only 5 leftover players from that losing squad this year) into submission in the 2006 FIBA World Championship. A team who, without any NBA players in their roster, checked Dirk Nowitzki and Chris Kaman with an aggresive, occassionally dirty defense that only produced 13 and 4 points for them respectively.

Again, what the Redeem Team has to do is to work on their outside shooting because, really, going 5-for-21 from beyond the arc just isn't acceptable for a team of their caliber. But then again, Michael Redd's the only real long-range shooter the team has. But still, when your designated 3-point sniper goes 0-for-2 from behind the arc and only managed to salvage just 2 points for the entire ball game, you have to be really, really afraid.

In any case, Dwyane Wade once again led the team's points tally with 19, with Dwight Howard adding 14 while shooting a perfect 6-for-6 from the field! As a matter of fact, with the exception of Jason Kidd, all of Team USA's players scored at least a basket or 2. Co-captain Kobe Bryant, though contributing 8 points to the team's tally, had the ignominy of going 0-for-8 from behind the arc.

"Please, Lord, let this go in!"

So again, what they need to do is to focus on some solid, fundamental basketball - the kind that WINS GAMES, not the flashy, showboating dunk-a-thon that's best used when they've got a comfortable, almost insurmountable lead against the opposing team.

"Damn! We hungry!"

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