Thursday, August 7, 2008

So much for Brett Favre's "lifetime contract" with Green Bay...

...because after 16 seasons in Green Bay, which produced 1 Super Bowl trophy, 3 MVP awards (for 3 straight years!) and a number of milestones and achievements that, quite possibly, might never be broken, Brett Favre has been sent packing by the team as he's been traded and shipped off to the New York Jets, ending what just might be the NFL's biggest quarterback drama ever.

And although the details of the trade are still hush-hush, rumor has it that, depending on what happens to the Jets' fortunes this coming season now that they have Brett in their line-up, the Packers would get a laughable 4th-round pick at the least. But if Brett manages to bring the Jets to the Super Bowl, that laughable 4th-round pick would become a prized 1st-round pick. But then again, in the end, whatever nth-number you pick in the draft really doesn't matter because you can either get a 1st-round bomb like Ryan Leaf or a 6th-round gem like Tom Brady.

But what about the Jets' quarterback situation? Chad Pennington, unfortunately, got the boot to make enough salary cap space to accommodate Brett's sizable $10 million paycheck. And Kellen Clemens, who's marginal at best, at least has got a couple of years' experience running the Jets' system to fall back on, whereas Favre, who's a natural when it comes to playing the West Coast offense, just might get lost in coach Eric Mangini's old-school football. But still, with Brett in their line-up, they're a much better team today than they were yesterday.

In any case, the Packers can now finally move on and get down to business. They tried to patch things up with Brett who felt emotionally wounded by everything that's transpired between himself and the Packers' management ever since he made known his plan to "come out of retirement," which is why the team felt it prudent to get back on track as quick as possible and had Brett traded to New York just 3 short days after he was reinstated by the NFL.

Well, at least we know one thing; no one, no matter how popular you are or how many accomplishments you've achieved, is above any team. Just ask Michael Jordan and the Washington Wizards.

"Fuck that shit, man. I'm Michael Jordan!"

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