Friday, August 15, 2008

And I thought sex before an athletic event was taboo?!

Again, to show that The Typical Guy is not all about sports, allow me to share with you a little known trivia about the Olympians and their sex lives.

Did you know that the 2008 Beijing Summer Olympic officials handed out 100,000 condoms at the Olympic Village? Initially, the plan called for 250,000 condoms but that figure was rolled back to the current figure because of religious protests. Anyway, apparently, at the 2000 Olympics in Sydney, the athletes quickly exhausted the initial supply of 70,000 condoms so another 20,000 rubbers had to be brought in.

Imagine, some enterprising Chinese might get his hands on those condoms, identify which condom came from which athlete and make a sperm boutique selling the sperms to the highest bidder for cloning or for in vitro fertilization for people who want to have LeBron James or Usain Bolt or even Michael Phelps as their next child. Or he just might give it to the Chinese government so that they can clone everything and field their own Chinese Dream Team made up of Chinese Dwyane Wade and company.

Or the condoms just might end up as your girl's next hairband. The concept of your girl having Kobe Bryant's semen on her pretty head is just mindboggling. I tell you, the possibilities are endless, people.

Anyway, here are ad images from the Beijing Olympics' "official" condom provider, Elasun, depicting how their condoms are just apt for some Olympic sports like;




Gymnastics (Rings)


Now, the question is: who was having sex with who and when did they do it? For all we know, Michael Phelps' secret to his amazing gold record run lies in his sex life, like how losing a few mililiters of his sperm just before an event helps him go faster in the pool...

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Broke But Still Drinking said...

Some free beer would go well with those rubbers.