Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Meanwhile, in Green Bay...

While the training camp started out smoothly without a trace of Brett Favre, his decision to fax to the NFL office his reinstatement paperwork, thereby officially ending his 4-month retirement, won't go down smoothly in Green Bay because the team, hoping that Favre would continue his retirement in peace, is now forced to do one of three things:
  1. release him (not a chance, the club won't just release a guy like Brett for nothing);
  2. trade him (acceptable to the team but they sure as hell won't let the Minnesota Vikings get their hands on him) ;
  3. or let him to report to camp (a big MAYBE since the team's committed to starting Aaron Rodgers on quarterback).

Any team that's willing to sign Brett is taking a big risk. I mean, sure, Brett's talent is unquestionable. But are they willing to let a big-name player like him sign for just a year, or maybe even 2 at the most? Are they willing to go through the now-annual Brett Favre will-he-retire-or-not saga themselves?

The way I see it, the only win-win situation here for both Brett and Green Bay is for Brett to accept the fact that A-Rod's the new Packers' quarterback, leaving Brett to play the role of backup. It may sting a while for a man of Brett's stature, but it's also the best way to smoothen everything out between Brett, the team, and the entire cheesehead legion. That way, when Brett decides to retire (for good!) someday, he gets to do it with the team that he earned his Super Bowl ring with on top of the 3 MVP trophies he received.
And if Rodgers shines as the Packers new QB, then at least Brett's there to help him move along, giving him and the fans that Aww, shucks moment of the old making way for the new. But if Rodgers just can't cut it once the season gets underway, then Brett would be in the prime spot to show the team they made a bad move by not putting him up as the starter in the first place.

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