Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Is he coming back or not?

I've always been interested in American football ever since I got a Dallas Cowboys' t-shirt as a kid in the late '70s where they were depicted as "America's Team", a pasalubong, I think, from an Aunt who was visiting from the US. But I really only began to love the game when I saw an NFL Film explaining how the game was played in the late '90s so, yeah, that was around 20 years of nurturing a love for America's favorite excuse to hold a tailgate party.

So in those 20 long years, I was fortunate enough to watch Brett Favre get his lone Superbowl win as well as witness John Elway close his career as Denver's premier QB by winning the Big Game twice in a row. I was also lucky to see two great back-up quarterbacks come up from the bench to reach the top of their game in Kurt Warner and Tom Brady so, yeah, I love the game.

Now there's been a lot of news going around lately that Brett Favre is considering a comeback, a few short months after he announced his retirement from the game. Much like how he did last season, when he held off on answering the will-he-retire-or-not rumor until the start of the training camp, it seems like he's playing the same game again this year, telling the media he's retired but yet telling his former(?) teammates that he's itching to come back and play.

The way I see it, as overly-sentimental as I am to want to see Brett Favre play the game again, I think he should just stay retired - for good. For all we know, Favre's - and the Packers - success last season might be just down to pure luck. And let's face it, the team's been busy the entire offseason prepping Aaron Rodgers as their new field general, a change in plans right now would derail the whole offense and sabotage everything they've been working on since Favre made his plans known of leaving the game.

The Old and the New, side-by-side

Business is business, Brett. Call it what you will, but at the end of the day, the Packers football team is, above everything else, still a business. And as much as you've been the face of Green Bay all these years, it's time to face the music; it's time to reap what you sowed since you made that announcement in March - that the Packers would be moving on post-haste without you in their depth charts.

You're a father now, Brett. It's about time you spend time with your girls, particularly your youngest one. They're only that young for so long, you have to savor the time they still want to be around their daddy.

Walk away, Brett. Walk away knowing that you left the field at the top of your game because that's how we'll all love you.

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