Tuesday, July 8, 2008

I need some brand-new kicks...

I was planning on buying a new pair of shoes this past weekend because;
  1. the last pair I bought was almost 6 months ago, and;
  2. I just have to have the Nike Zoom LeBron V Low.
I'm not sure yet which colorway I want but I just might end up buying 2 different ones, much like how I bought 2 different colorways of the Zoom LeBron II Low.

Right now, the colorways I'm eyeing at are the navy/crimson/white one;

and the stealth/university blue/white one;

But I'll be damned if this white/silver/engine colorway,

is now available here because it's so pretty and white, I'm just teary-eyed and overcome with joy just by looking at it. I mean, just look at the fine detailing and the nice, shiny looks-like-patent leather to-me-at-least for the toecap.

But I know Rachel's gonna have MORE than just a fit if she saw me buy more than one pair of the same shoe again because when it comes to sneakers, I'm just like a girl - I have to have the same design in different colors.

What to do, what to do...

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