Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Can "The Redeem Team" bring back "The Dream Team" basketball glory?

As every NBA basketball fan knows, a whole lot is riding on Team USA in the 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing, especially after the former basketball powerhouse that was the United States finished a dismal 6th place in the 2002 FIBA World Championship AND could only manage a bronze medal in the 2004 Summer Olympics in Athens.

Still, on paper, this crop of NBA Olympians certainly does look promising. Not as promising as the original 1992 Barcelona Summer Olympics NBA Dream Team, definitely, but still worthy of comparison.

The good news this time around, though, is that USA Basketball finally learned from their miserable mistakes and followed the rest of the world's game: field more shooters as opposed to their old practice of putting in more slashers and drivers.

Okay, so Michael Redd is the only "pure" shooter in the team, but at least with guys like Carmelo Anthony, LeBron James and Kobe Bryant around, you get a good mix of guys who're comfortable with shooting from either the perimeter or the paint. And with Dwyane Wade playing the sixth man (and that's the kind of sixth man any team would want) and Jason Kidd orchestrating the offense along with Chris Paul, the Redeem Team just might pull everything off and win the gold.

But the question is; when it's clutch time and the team needs a go-to-guy they can depend on to sink the ball in the hole, who will the Dream Team look to to finish the job? LeBron? I don't think so. As much as I love LeBron, he doesn't have the hot hands needed for clutch shots. So that only leaves Kobe, who not only has the experience taking such shots, he can probably even do it with his eyes closed and with one arm tied behind his back. And besides, he HAS to be hungry for gold - ANY gold - since he lucked out on this year's NBA championship.

Meanwhile, in Green Bay...

While the training camp started out smoothly without a trace of Brett Favre, his decision to fax to the NFL office his reinstatement paperwork, thereby officially ending his 4-month retirement, won't go down smoothly in Green Bay because the team, hoping that Favre would continue his retirement in peace, is now forced to do one of three things:
  1. release him (not a chance, the club won't just release a guy like Brett for nothing);
  2. trade him (acceptable to the team but they sure as hell won't let the Minnesota Vikings get their hands on him) ;
  3. or let him to report to camp (a big MAYBE since the team's committed to starting Aaron Rodgers on quarterback).

Any team that's willing to sign Brett is taking a big risk. I mean, sure, Brett's talent is unquestionable. But are they willing to let a big-name player like him sign for just a year, or maybe even 2 at the most? Are they willing to go through the now-annual Brett Favre will-he-retire-or-not saga themselves?

The way I see it, the only win-win situation here for both Brett and Green Bay is for Brett to accept the fact that A-Rod's the new Packers' quarterback, leaving Brett to play the role of backup. It may sting a while for a man of Brett's stature, but it's also the best way to smoothen everything out between Brett, the team, and the entire cheesehead legion. That way, when Brett decides to retire (for good!) someday, he gets to do it with the team that he earned his Super Bowl ring with on top of the 3 MVP trophies he received.
And if Rodgers shines as the Packers new QB, then at least Brett's there to help him move along, giving him and the fans that Aww, shucks moment of the old making way for the new. But if Rodgers just can't cut it once the season gets underway, then Brett would be in the prime spot to show the team they made a bad move by not putting him up as the starter in the first place.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Another "What the Fuck?!" Moment in NBA Basketball...

Don't the Pistons know they're just throwing away money for the NBA's biggest bust EVER (proving that Michael Jordan, while a very good player without equal, is a very, very bad judge of basketball talent) by signing up Kwame Brown, someone who has the talent of a beached humpback whale but with far less charisma? Hell, he has no charisma whatsoever, even the black hole of charisma that is Memphis chose to let him go rather than keep him and milk him for his "falling star" value.

And the Pistons are couting on him to
"add depth at center and power forward?" That's funny because I never pictured him being as dominant in the paint as Ben Wallace was when he was still with the Pistons. And don't even compare him to Antonio McDyess who was able to reinvent his game after blowing out his knee and change himself into a big man with a decent jumper and range.

Still, it's a good thing it's only a 2-year deal, since it gives the Pistons a quick out once they realize the dumb decision they made signing him.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

I seriously have the hots for Leah Dizon...

...and since I believe in spreading the wealth, allow me to share with you Rapidshare links to Leah Dizon's Girls of 360 video; Leah Dizon: Exposed and Uncut.

This is one ass I'd seriously tap if I could...

Now, if only she'd make the switch from being a gravure idol to a full-blown AV idol, then the world would be a happier place.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Marcus Camby is only worth a second-round pick?!

"What the fuck?!" the right answer for a headline like that. After all, we're talking about the NBA's Best Defensive Player just 2 short years ago. And it's not like he got traded for another player of equal caliber like, let's say, Antonio McDyess, or even for a first-round pick, at the least. No, he was traded for a second-round draft pick 2 years from now which, let's face it, is worth nothing - at least right now.

Still, looking at the big picture, the Denver Nuggets had to make a business decision. And unfortunately, Camby had to play the sacrificial lamb to get the team back on track. After all, when you've got two scoring machines in Allen Iverson and Carmelo Anthony and a post that's manned by one of the league's premier shotblockers in Camby but your team still ended up being swept by the Lakers in the first-round of the playoffs, well...

Fortunately enough for Denver, the LA Clippers were in the market for an affordable yet top-notch big man since Elton Brand jumped shipped to the Philadelphia 76ers, leaving the Clippers with a big hole under the basket, hence the trade. But why Camby? Why not sign up a restricted free agent instead, like Charlote Bobcats' Emeka Okafor? Or Chicago Bulls' Luol Deng? Or, in an eye-for-an-eye scenario, why not the 76ers Andre Iguodala? Because at least with Camby, there's no doubt they'll be getting him, unlike if they play the free agent market, their finances might get tied while they try to broker a deal with no guarantee of signing up any one of them. And a trade still saves them some money as opposed to signing up a free agent with $$$ signs in his eyes, so, yeah, trading for Camby was the wise choice. And with Camby working together with Chris Kaman, the Clippers have a really strong pair of defenders in the lane.

But what about the Nuggets? What do they get for such a big loss like Camby? Well, they managed to free up $20 million for the next 2 seasons which was what was left of Camby's contract, so that's a start, since they now have the salary cap space to shop around with or use to match any offer that might be made for their own restricted free agent in J.R. Smith. And Camby's getting old, too, plus he's got some injury history to boot, so the Nuggets had no other option but to move forward. After all, sentimentality is for pussies. Still, it'll be hard to fill the void Camby left in the Nuggets' rotation, leaving coach George Karl with a headache the size of, well, Camby.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Is he coming back or not?

I've always been interested in American football ever since I got a Dallas Cowboys' t-shirt as a kid in the late '70s where they were depicted as "America's Team", a pasalubong, I think, from an Aunt who was visiting from the US. But I really only began to love the game when I saw an NFL Film explaining how the game was played in the late '90s so, yeah, that was around 20 years of nurturing a love for America's favorite excuse to hold a tailgate party.

So in those 20 long years, I was fortunate enough to watch Brett Favre get his lone Superbowl win as well as witness John Elway close his career as Denver's premier QB by winning the Big Game twice in a row. I was also lucky to see two great back-up quarterbacks come up from the bench to reach the top of their game in Kurt Warner and Tom Brady so, yeah, I love the game.

Now there's been a lot of news going around lately that Brett Favre is considering a comeback, a few short months after he announced his retirement from the game. Much like how he did last season, when he held off on answering the will-he-retire-or-not rumor until the start of the training camp, it seems like he's playing the same game again this year, telling the media he's retired but yet telling his former(?) teammates that he's itching to come back and play.

The way I see it, as overly-sentimental as I am to want to see Brett Favre play the game again, I think he should just stay retired - for good. For all we know, Favre's - and the Packers - success last season might be just down to pure luck. And let's face it, the team's been busy the entire offseason prepping Aaron Rodgers as their new field general, a change in plans right now would derail the whole offense and sabotage everything they've been working on since Favre made his plans known of leaving the game.

The Old and the New, side-by-side

Business is business, Brett. Call it what you will, but at the end of the day, the Packers football team is, above everything else, still a business. And as much as you've been the face of Green Bay all these years, it's time to face the music; it's time to reap what you sowed since you made that announcement in March - that the Packers would be moving on post-haste without you in their depth charts.

You're a father now, Brett. It's about time you spend time with your girls, particularly your youngest one. They're only that young for so long, you have to savor the time they still want to be around their daddy.

Walk away, Brett. Walk away knowing that you left the field at the top of your game because that's how we'll all love you.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

I need some brand-new kicks...

I was planning on buying a new pair of shoes this past weekend because;
  1. the last pair I bought was almost 6 months ago, and;
  2. I just have to have the Nike Zoom LeBron V Low.
I'm not sure yet which colorway I want but I just might end up buying 2 different ones, much like how I bought 2 different colorways of the Zoom LeBron II Low.

Right now, the colorways I'm eyeing at are the navy/crimson/white one;

and the stealth/university blue/white one;

But I'll be damned if this white/silver/engine colorway,

is now available here because it's so pretty and white, I'm just teary-eyed and overcome with joy just by looking at it. I mean, just look at the fine detailing and the nice, shiny looks-like-patent leather to-me-at-least for the toecap.

But I know Rachel's gonna have MORE than just a fit if she saw me buy more than one pair of the same shoe again because when it comes to sneakers, I'm just like a girl - I have to have the same design in different colors.

What to do, what to do...

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

LeBron James is headed for New York.

As a matter of fact, he was just there earlier as part of USA Basketball's media blitz in preparation for the Olympics.

But there's much, much more going down right now behind the scenes in the Big Apple, which, if everything goes as planned, could rock the city in such a way that the Cloverfield monster's attack would seem like just a child's tantrum gone bad. Wait a minute, the Cloverfield monster's attack WAS just a child's tantrum gone bad.

You see, in just a couple of years time, the NBA free-agent market is going to be saturated by a young yet hugely talented batch of players, with LeBron leading the way and the likes of Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh following not far behind.

It's no secret that the New Jersey Nets, through the efforts of team owner, Bruce Ratner, have been planning to move the team to Brooklyn by 2010, because, let's face it, New York is a much bigger, and therefore more lucrative, market than East Rutherford, New Jersey will ever be. And with the Nets trading Richard Jefferson to the Milwaukee Bucks for a pair of underperforming players like Bobby Simmons and Yi Jianlian, and not to mention Jason Kidd's
huge contract they managed to unload when they traded him to Dallas early this year, it's a sign that the Nets are just looking to clear some salary cap space for when LeBron, Wade and Bosh all become unrestricted free agents. And if the Nets can manage to unload the remaining holdover of their back-to-back fairytale-turned-nightmare run to the NBA Finals a few years ago in Vince Carter, then they're poised to make LeBron a maximum offer. Factor in LeBron's friendship with Jay-Z, who's part-owner of the Nets, then Brooklyn - if they ever do get the community's go-signal to move there by that time - does look like to be the destination of choice.

But the Nets aren't the only New York team that's keen on making a move for LeBron and company. The Knicks are also in a position to offer LeBron a maximum salary, provided they unload a couple of their players who're contracted until 2010 to 2011.

But with all that's being said and done in preparation for LeBron's eventual unrestricted free agent status in 2 years' time, no matter where LeBron goes, he'll never be a champion if he doesn't have a solid team behind him, which is why the Nets and the Knicks better get their act straight and sign a good supporting cast behind LeBron as well. LeBron may be LeBron, but he's just one man and no one, not even Michael Jordan, could carry an entire team towards an NBA championship trophy.

Misa Campo doing what she does best...

... and that's posing as a promo model in another one of Hot Import Night's tuner import cars' show.

I have to say this, though, that lately, she's been appearing in events all covered up and showing less skin. She also doesn't look as fresh-faced as she before when she first burst into the scene, which is surprising since she's just barely legal. Perhaps the daily rigors of traveling to and from her gigs are taking its toll on her.

In any case, I'd still hit her and tap that ass for all it's worth because, hey, it's Misa Campo we're talking about here!